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Choosing furniture a complex affair? Think again

Saturday, June 09, 2018

Who said furniture had to be bulky and heavy? With the options available in the market now, you can buy all the furniture and accessories you want and not worry about the time when you have to move house, says Sangram Bhoite

With hundreds of different types of wood on offer, it can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing your furniture. If you are looking for something less traditional and conventional, and more modern and colourful the category of people who never buy furniture and accessories because it is too tiresome to lug, there are various new contemporary designs in the market as well.

Wood – the quintessential material used to make furniture for centuries, need not necessarily be all dull and brown. Check out the stuff that you can find in Red, Blue & Yellow etc. Firstly, select the colour of the wood you want to use and match it to your space. If you have a small-sized room, then select lighter woods, such as maple, pine or birch to make it appear larger. Alternatively, if you want to use your wooden furniture to add drama and command attention in your interior design then use dark woods with subtle red undertones.

Minimalist approach
A minimalist contemporary furniture is that which is very linear, straight-lined and non fussy, basically very simple and easy-to-maintain furniture. There shouldn’t be any carving or heavy woodwork in the furniture. Mixing too many materials make the furniture look heavy and cluttered, which is against the style. Besides, wrought iron is passe now. So, what is minimalism all about? Minimalism is a concept that percolates beyond just furniture, accessories or clothing. Minimalism is an approach and a way of life more than anything else. This look concentrates on the style and the aesthetics.

Solid wood furniture is like an investment - the life of solid wood is much longer, it does not get chipped easily, moreover the value of solid wood furniture is much higher. When choosing your wood, as a general rule try to keep the tone in line with your colour palette. Mixing various light and dark woods can make a room appear chaotic and unorganised. If you have a wide selection of colours throughout your décor and upholstery then try to stick to limited wood tones, which complement one another. Alternatively, if you do want to use a wide range of different woods then pick a softer and more subdued palette to avoid a messy look.

Colour combinations
In natural and stained wood finish, almost any tint is achievable depending on the choice of wood, and the staining. If timber such as maple or elm is used, very light colours are possible, ranging to dark tones like wenge, or ebony. Dark colours are now the international trend, basically stained on Burma teakwood. These dark shades suit steel as well.

Speaking of cane, did you know that there is an alternative to furniture made of cane? There is a material named ‘prolen’, which is used to make furniture that looks just like cane furniture. Being made from polymer composites, prolen is not only recyclable, but also imparts many unique advantages to the end products – it is water proof, insect- proof, and does away with the need for regular polish. It is virtually maintenance-free furniture.

Once you have decided where your taste lies, you can check out any of the above options and get some furniture that, at the end of a long day, does not dominate or intimidate you, but makes you feel like coming home to uncluttered space.

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