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Child room is no kid's play

Friday, July 21, 2017

The decorating ideas used for the kids room help them develop their personality and express themselves, says Sangram Bhoite

Childhood is a precious time when everything seems possible, everything is interesting and every experience, stimulus, person, and toy is a building block in their developing personalities. No wonder, then, that many parents spend a great deal of effort and time to make the childhood of their kids as memorable, vivid, and happy as possible. That is why now-a-days, every family prefers having a children’s’ room. Children room  is the space where the child sleeps, the place where he plays, but also the space where he studies as he grows, even if this study place is a small one.

Specialised room
Like any other room of the house this room too should be planned properly, keeping in mind the requirements. The location of the room within the house matters a lot. Children need lot of attention and so the room should be accessible from any part of the house. Do not choose the most secluded room to avoid disturbance, there are many other ways to avoid such kind of discrepancy. This room specifically should have a window and good height. For every room there are some prerequisite furniture which if planned properly, shape the room into a comfortable and functional space. Keeping this in mind, a children’s room must have, bed per head, a study table and a wardrobe. Any other additional furniture would be according to the customized requirement. Bunk beds are favourites among children, which are also space saviours.

Design of the bed necessarily should not have any intricate designs or sharp ends, keep it simple but to make it interesting, splash some vibrant colours on them according to their choice. With respect to safety and maintenance, avoid gaps between furniture, also make sure the corners are rounded. Avoid rugs and durries for the flooring which are hard to maintain. Wardrobe for this room should have a well organized closet and very importantly, it should have the appropriate color as this particular furniture would be the most visible piece of furniture of the room. Again, wardrobe can be designed according to the requirement of the child. Dressing area can be an added accessory for this unit. All the furniture should be customized according to the child’s choice and comfort.

Study table
This is another prerequisite for the room, should be given an appropriate location considering the comfort level of the kid. A study unit should facilitate space for a computer system, storage for books, a study area and storage for stationary. These requirements can be compiled together as one unit which utilizes the appropriate space in the room. The impotent corners caused by the columns can be utilized as backless book racks.

Proper lighting and ventilation are some of the important requirements. Windows which play the role of both should never be blocked in any way, as they are the point of inspiration, breath of fresh air. A combination of white and yellow light should shape the ambience of the room. White light always develops a vibrant and focused environment and on the other hand yellow light sobers the ambience.

A room can attain its individuality only if it is accessorized with some personal elements like paintwork, trophies, certificates.Memories and art should be awarded a lavish space on the wall. Take some time out to frame your kid’s best appreciated paintwork or crafts to add a dash of emotions.

It is very crucial to make the room as spacious as possible, which is achievable with minimal furniture. Children need space to roam around and do their bit of exploring within the room. According to child psychology, children need conceptual rooms which would increase their grasping power.

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