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Ceilings: The center of attraction

Friday, June 09, 2017
By Property Team

Despite all the amazing steps we have taken forward in designing and decorating the rest of the house, a ‘ceiling’ seems to be something that skips our mind rather easily. But a great ceiling design, whether it is in the living room or the dining area or the bedroom, can give a room a unique, inimitable and individual character that also leaves an indelible impression in the minds of those who step in.

Unlimited scope
Ceiling is not just the top covering of your room but is a fundamental feature that contributes to the feel of the rooms. It is the largest unused area of a room and in the current interior trends has assumed importance that can influence the entire décor of your room. With the use of smart designs and creative materials, ceiling can become the focal point or an important backdrop for other interior elements in the house. The perfect ceiling design varies for each room and each home and depending on the available space; the surrounding walls and the overall theme of the house, there are innumerable patterns and colors to choose from.

Decorative ceiling elements such as ceiling medallions, ceiling rims, moldings, domes are used to add more to your ceilings. Ceiling décor  can be done in a different ways depending on the user of the rooms. Suspended ceiling consists of a metal casing that is suspended in the corner and the actual surface that allow for lights and architectural details such as ceiling medallions or appliqués. In addition, depending on the placement of the suspended ceiling, one can use it to creatively to cover up grates or any elements of the space that you would not want to be shown.

Metal and wood
The most common materials that are used to create a suspended ceiling are metal and wood panels. Also, use of different materials for faux finishes and other effects on the ceiling are made to give the desired effect. One can use the metal frame and the wood panels as the skeleton and then use plaster to smooth over it making it look like the original architectural aspect of the house.

Mumbai based interior designer Ajit Sawant says, “Wood is the most popular material that is used for ceilings today. It gives a rusty feel and goes with almost all kind of décor. People do have various ceiling shapes such as curves or domes that suit their interiors. Use of indirect lighting, wooden rafters, panels, acrylics and vivid colors schemes are used to create a unique feeling to the ceiling.”

Strong architectural details such as ceiling ornamentation that borders the ceiling rim are used to draw attention. Using the right colour in accordance with the décor of the room also reflects the desired effects to the room. Installing crown molding with indirect lighting will flood the ceiling with light and create a beautiful ceiling design with an illusion of height. Adding a ceiling dome is a great way to create a feeling of a high ceiling. Similarly too high ceiling can be brought down by the use of various hanging accessories. A great ceiling always complements the rest of the room, lifts its visual appeal and offers it a fresh new perspective that is both ergonomic and aesthetic. At the end of the day, it is the perfect blend of style with substance!

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