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Ceiling Fans: Making the right choice

Saturday, July 07, 2018
By Property Team

Ceiling fans are smarter, sleeker and quieter than ever. If you’re in the market for one and starting from scratch, here is some information to picking the best one

It doesn’t matter how design-minded you are — when the high temperature approaches, you want to beat the heat. But ceiling fans are a contentious topic. Blacklisted by some designers for being noisy, tacky and outdated, they’re often the first thing to go in a home renovation and a cause for debate in divided households in which one party wants circulation and one wants style. Don’t sweat it.

A ceiling fan is a great addition to a room; it looks and is much more energy-efficient than air-conditioning. Since they come in a wide selection of styles and patterns, they can be tailored to suit any kind of space, including the kitchen, dining room, veranda, and bathroom. Common styles include polished brass, antique brass, iron, nickel, chrome, black, and real wood veneers. There is much variation in colour as well, with ceiling fans available in colours ranging from earth tones to vibrant solids. There are ceiling fan lights that offer a wide range from classic and contemporary to futuristic and retro, with marble, crystal, or opal often added to the fixture shade as decorative enhancements.

How to pick and choose
While installing ceiling fan in the home you have to determine whether you need a flush-mount fan or one that uses a down rod. Flush-mount fans are best for low ceilings because they can be secured right to the ceiling, while down rods are designed for higher ceilings.

By far, the most important part of a ceiling fan is its motor. The motor works to both drive the movement of the blades as well as provide for quiet operation. Lower-quality home centre ceiling fans with less powerful motors may be less expensive, but have the disadvantages of noisier operation, higher operating temperatures, and dramatically lower air circulation. Additionally, they tend to warp, lose balance, and even break down over time. For optimal performance, efficiency, and longevity, a motor with heavy-duty windings and perpetually lubricated sealed bearings is of maximum importance.

Fan blades come in all sorts of wonderful shapes and patterns. However, it is important that the fan blades chosen will offer a balanced performance for a stable operation. Fan blades should be protected with a sealant to avoid the warping effects of moisture. The number of blades in a ceiling fan ranges from three to five, but this number has little effect on the amount of cool air the fan produces.

Patio ceiling fan is one of the important type of ceiling fan, and although generally less common than indoor ceiling fans, patio-ceiling fans are considered useful in the warmer, moister regions.

Upgrade option
Mumbai based interior designer  Ajit Sawant says, “Those who don’t want to invest in new fans can try making smaller cosmetic upgrades to their existing fan, such as switching out heavy, dark blades with white ones that blend into the ceiling or removing the light kit as a temporary fix.”

Picking the right style of ceiling fan can be tough, but different brands have made it easy to shop based on your taste and space. At the time of fixing ceiling fan one should consider the height of the ceiling and be sure that the blades have ample space to spin. It is recommended that the blades are no closer than two feet from the nearest wall. Thus when choosing a ceiling fan, you must take into account more than just style.

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