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Beauty in a Bottle!

Friday, April 21, 2017
By Property Team

Nowadays, the concept of bottle gardens has been gaining popularity, thanks to its beauty and easy handling

A bottle garden, by definition, means a garden under glass. A plastic or a glass bottle is just what you require to get started. Plants are grown inside the bottle with little exposure to sunlight, and can be contained indefinitely inside the bottle. Creating a terrarium is an interesting and educational process, for it clearly illustrates how an ecosystem works. Bottle gardens make a lovely decorative addition to your houseplant collection, and are very easy to create and maintain.

In Mumbai city, many plant nurseries have also started practicing bottle gardening and they also provide readymade bottle gardens. Bottle gardens can be used, not only as decorative pieces, but also as gifts. Bottle gardens can also make excellent indoor focal points, especially when planted with colorful foliage and different textures.Here, we are giving some helpful information on bottle gardening to introduce some greenery to a small urban space.

Creating a bottle garden
All you need to do is select a plant with a slender stem, tolerance for lower indoor light, humidity and features of visible interest like appealing leaf colour etc. The ingenuity of a bottle garden depends upon the type of container used and the selection of plants. A lot also depends on the way you arrange them. The best option for a bottle garden would be a glass container provided it is transparent. You can recycle a large glass jar, a fish bowl or an old aquarium. There are also a few attractive containers made up of wood or plastic available in the market. It is best to use a container with a wide neck so that you can reach your hands inside the bottle.

For attractive bottle garden
Line the bottom of your bottle with gravel, about two inches. This helps to create drainage. Put about two to three inches of compost on top and spread it evenly. Plant your mini plants evenly spaced in the compost, around the bottle. Depending upon the size of your container you can choose the number of plants for your garden. Spread a thin layer of gravel on top of the compost.  This will make your plants visible, and it will act as a mulch to prevent drying out. Then cover your terrarium with a lid. A cupful of water three times a week should be sufficient, depending on the temperature, and time of year. A completely enclosed bottle garden needs very little watering or no watering at all. If large water drops appear on the walls of the container the terrarium can be left open for sometime so that the excess moisture evaporates.

Take care that you arrange the plants according to the size and growth habits of the plants. Try placing the taller plants in the middle. See to it that you don’t overfill your bottle, also the level of the best plants for bottle gardening are small and slow growing plants. Remember to maintain the plants by removing the dead leaves and branches before they rot. Do not keep the container in full sunlight as it may turn the garden dry.

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