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Bathroom essentials: Mix of style and substance

Friday, February 24, 2017
By Property Team

Your bathroom is a room too, and, like any other room in the house, it needs to be presentable. Here’s how you can bring in change

Even if you have not done anything about the bathroom before, remember that it does reflect on your personality and therefore start now! This is not a difficult task at all – just look around you and you will see the various options available in the market. Numerous bath fitting accessories manufacturers have sprung up in the country. They offer various attractive finishes for bathroom fittings.

Here are a few guidelines on the essentials and space planning required in a bathroom

  • Glass blocks, wood cabinets, and tile, each introduces a different textural element that contrasts with the hard, smooth surface of the walls and countertop.
  • The walk-in closet is a convenient addition to any bathroom.
  • Tiles protect against splashes and can also help in defining the toilet and the shower area.
  • Grab bars play a vital role in universal design but are useful for everybody, specially the slippery areas.
  • Convenient storage is an important part of any bathroom. Whenever there is space above counters, drawers offer ready access to frequently used items.
  • Plants thrive in the moist environment of a bathroom and add a warm and organic touch.
  • Bathrooms are typically assigned less space than the other rooms, so one of the biggest design challenges is finding room for everything.
  • Toilets, tubs, showers, and sinks each require a minimum amount of space above and beyond their actual physical dimensions in order to be used properly.
  • For example, there should be a minimum distance of 1 ft. on either sides of the commode for adequate room for access and manoeuvring.
  • When space becomes a challenge, there are not many options available.
  • A shower can be substituted for a tub.
  • Instead of a washbasin counter top, go in for a pedestal washbasin.
  • A wall mounted commode should be preferred to a floor mounted one to give visual relief to the floor.
  • Mirrors with built in storage shelves solves a vanity counter problem if you don’t have one.
  • Repeating design elements-colour, pattern, texture, size – makes a space feel more unified, and therefore larger.

Make it look stylish

  • The washhand basin should be easily accessible as it is used very frequently.
  • The water closet (WC) should not be directly visible as soon as the door is open.
  • It should be preferably divided into wet and dry zones, by grouping the basin and WC areas; and this should be separated from the bath by means of a tile drop or a shower curtain to maintain the dryness of the of the dry zone.
  • The size of the toilet bowl, basin and tub should be in accordance with the size of the bathroom, to prevent the bathroom from looking overcrowded.
  • It is important to consider who is going to use the bathroom. If there are children and elderly people in the house, then certain aspects like low bathtub, support rails and anti-skid tiles should be taken into consideration.
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