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Baby steps for your home!

Friday, October 27, 2017
By Property Team

Baby proofing essentially refers to fixing the ‘could-be’ dangerous spots and things in the house that can cause trouble to your small kids

We all want to keep children out of harm’s way. Whether you’re a child care professional or a new parent, it can feel overwhelming to keep track of kids who seem to be attracted to harm.

As a child grows beyond six months of age, she/he starts crawling, standing at 10 months and walks at 12 months of age. From the time he starts crawling, there is a pressure of constant danger for the child even in a place as safe as our home. Loose wires, open electric circuits, free sliding draws and doors, sharp edges and corners, bathroom and kitchen safety become a major concern. And right, baby-proofing is the answer towards building a safe environment for your small children.

What is baby proofing?
Baby proofing essentially refers to fixing the ‘could-be’ dangerous spots and things in the house that can cause trouble to your small kids. Hence, every house that has a tiny toddler moving around needs to be baby-proofed so that your child can comfortable move around anywhere in the house.

Children fall down a lot, especially while learning how to walk, run, and climb. While we can’t guarantee soft landings so that we can use many things in and around the house to reduce the risk of fall related injuries.The Baby proofing products include door stoppers, drawer stoppers, edge rounders, electrical sockets, cupboard clips, night light and non-slip mats. Edge rounders help achieve the required edge roundness that prevents the edges of tables, furniture and walls from injuring the activity of the jumping child in the house.

Mostly edge rounders are a temporary fixture in the house which can be added on and removed as when required so if you don’t want them in your house when your child grows up, you always have the option to take them off. The door and drawer guards help prevent the complete immediate shutting of doors and drawers to prevent clipping injuries to the tender toes and fingers of children which also can be fractured easily as compared to adults.

Right products for baby
The inquisitive minds of the little ones love shoving their fingers in electrical sockets, the danger of which is evident. The electrical socket guards prove evidently protective here. Mumbai based interior designer Ajit Sawant says, “Many companies have developed a modern concept that includes a structured product and an organized baby-proofing service which can be acquired by simply making a call. The service-oriented product would have a surveillance team analysing the home, installing the right baby proofing products and a follow-up visit to make sure everything is okay.”

Giving a safe home is indeed the first step in ensuring the longevity of your children. So time to go baby-proofing!

Quick Tips

  • Replace all sockets with childproof sockets.
  • Check the floor for small objects that a baby could swallow:  pins, buttons and coins.
  • Tie-up or tape down long electrical cords.
  • Move sharp objects away from high traffic areas.
  • Install a safety gate at the top and bottom of stairs.
  • Move plants off the floor. Many are poisonous.
  • Keep tools and electronic items  unplugged and out of reach.
  • Don't place furniture near windows.
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