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Add A Personal Touch To Your Living Room

Saturday, December 22, 2018

By Himani Jain, Interior Stylist & designer, Director, Space Talk Design

Our ideas for living rooms can help you kickstart your decorating project, redecorating or amini update. If you are looking for a way to liven up your lounge area or restyle your sitting room then you are in the right place. Because we know exactly how to create a comfortable space where the household members can unwind and relax, that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

A Customised Design To Suit Your Style: You remember that feeling when you walk inside a house and you feel like it is the perfect place to host a house party? How would you like to have that setting for yourself? It’s hard to point out any one particular thing that makes a living rooman ideal setting, as each element holds its own place all the while they simultaneously come together and add perfection and harmony to the space. The entire style was formed once the studio created some furniture for the room. The area is an enticing recreation space rendered in fascinating detail. This custom living room shows a classy feel whereas additionally being welcoming.

Modern, Eclectic Upholstery And Warm Hues: The ensuing style is a consolidation of 2 completely different designs. The seating area ismade to bemodern, lounge area that has been coloured in bright and warm shades. To salute nature, we a have warm metallic cascade of hangings over the lounge area to resemble a dewy forest canopy and there are chandeliers hung to give it a softer look. The palette chosen for upholstery is modern to fit the theme as well as eclectic. A bright orange coloured coffee table is snuggled inside a fringe of couches and sofas rendered in a spectrum of warm greys, greens, browns and yellows. The patterned upholstery on the sofa removes the monotony of the block coloured palette in the pattern of richly coloured flowers and the metallic curves beside sharp straight corners tinged in metal compliment each other.

Adorned With Patterns And Stripes: The space of the dining room sets the tone of a style that hints at being industrial. The lines are straight and sharp here and the wallpaper has parts that give the effect of exposed bricks. Dark timber softens the glossy surfaces. The extensive dining table is a perfect place to entertain guests and it also becomes the centrepiece of the room. The mood of the room is made by the tripod lamp on the far end. The cabinet was given a swanky edge with steel that seems bewitching anachronistic contrast to all the other furniture in the room. White walls offer the perfect offset of the meticulous design along with a positive ambience that is inviting. All of this brings the carnival of elements together in perfect harmony. Everything we have here results in a space that is sophisticated, balanced, customized, all the while retaining a playful mystery that intrigues the mind. The free open space that draws you into intriguing details strewn about, even when you are comfortable lounging in its expanse.

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