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Add a dash of elegance to your home

Friday, December 23, 2016
By Property Team

Carpets give a regal look and assure cosy comfort especially in this season. Unfortunately, very few people possess the knowledge of how to buy a carpet and maintain it. Here are some important tips

While hard floor surfaces, such as concrete, tiles and timber, offer modern finish to interiors, the comfort, warmth and simplicity offered by carpet guarantees its enduring popularity. There’s nothing quite like the tactile sensation  of tossing off your shoes and sinking your toes into a luxurious woollen pile or the look of beautifully designed carpet complementing furnishings. And, if you choose a quality product and look after it properly, it will perform well for years. Majority of Indian homes possess a carpet or the traditional ‘qaleen’ to add up to the interior decoration of the home.

Choosing the right carpet
While buying, it is important to decide the material of carpet you would like to opt for. It is made from a variety of materials like wool, silk, cotton, or synthetic fibres. While opting for woollen it is vital to check the quality of the wool. Feel the softness of the wool – the softer the wool, the better the quality. Also, it is a well-known fact that machine-spun wool will not be as soft or as durable as hand-spun ones.

In the case of silk carpets, avoid buying art silk carpets. Artificial silk is made from cotton, rayon or polyester that resembles the original. It is as soft as the real silk to touch and more affordable than the expensive silk originals. You need to take extra care to differentiate between them as sometimes artificial silk rugs are sold as real and the consumer ends up paying a great deal of money. It is wise to invest in woollen, cotton and pure silk carpets as they last longer than those made from synthetic yarn.

Colour co-ordination
Carpets can impart an elegant appeal and a splash of colour to your living room so it is important to choose the right colours. With the right colours, you can create a space illusion and manipulate the light within a room. Carpets in lighter shades give a larger and airy feeling to the rooms; darker carpets make a room look smaller yet cosier. Opting for a carpet colour matching the one of your wall or furniture is a good idea or even contrasting colours can accentuate your home décor. Care must be taken that it does not clash with your interiors. Along with the colours, attention must also be given to the patterns like the intricate, geometric and floral. For a living room with no particular pattern, a carpet with intricate details may fit perfectly well.

Maintenance is a must
Carpet-buying is not enough; the real task is maintaining them for a long time. Walking on them with shoes soils them. It is better to keep a doormat at the door, or remove shoes outside to avoid dirtying them. Carpets get full of soil, so to keep them dust free. It is necessary to run a vacuum cleaner over them at least once a week. To ensure that the entire carpet is clean, divide the carpet in four parts and run vacuum cleaners thoroughly on each part. To pick up loose dust from the surface of the carpet, the entire carpet should be brushed using a pile brush.

The type of services for carpet cleaning include dry vacuuming, chemical cleaning, stain removing and dry foam shampooing.  As far as possible, it is advisable to avoid use of soap-based cleaners or too liquid cleaners, as there is a possibility of another stain on the wet area. It is advisable to remove stains immediately if possible to avoid chemical reactions with the material. Coffee stains and the like, if not removed immediately, leave irremovable deposits that may discolour the carpet. For wet stains, it is suitable to clean the stain from outside and then move inwards to prevent spreading it. While cleaning the carpet, make sure you don't rub the carpet too hard as it may damage the fibre of your expensive carpet. Carpets need to be cleaned professionally on a regular basis, may be once in a year as this ensures longevity as well as hygiene.

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