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A house designed for bachelors

Friday, October 06, 2017

So what if you are single and living in a rented home. You can still do it up without spending too much money. Here are few tips to spice up such homes, by Nilesh Ghadge

Youngsters today are ready to go anywhere and everywhere in search of a good job or for education. In a city like Mumbai, there are thousands of singletons, who either stay alone in rented apartments or share them with their workmates. Most tenants believe that it is pointless to invest in such homes, as after all it’s only a place to ‘crash out’. If your home can be done up inexpensively, however, there is no reason not to make it one you will want to return to after a long day.

Minimalist furniture
To begin with, remember that you might not stay in the house for long and might have to shift cities or houses in few months. Thus, going ballistic with heavy furniture doesn’t make sense. Instead furniture in such houses should be minimalistic. Minimalist furniture not only makes the house look larger but is also low on maintenance. One of the most important thing is whenever you have more than one option, choose the simplest one. For example, if you have to choose between a simple curtain handing from a rod and ruffled curtains with all sorts of decorations and useless details, the first option is the one for you.

Flexibility is one of the main aspects of such an apartment. One must avoid the use of heavy blocks of furniture for another reason as well, in order to retain a clutter-free home. A single couch/sofa or low seating Indian baithak style upholstered in cotton sheets is in vogue and functional, especially, when friends come over for a pizza. Rexene is impervious to stains and can be cleaned easily - thus making it perfect upholstery for furniture. Throw on a few large black or red pillows to add some contrast and give you something soft to lay your head on.

Multi-purpose ideas
Openness is another element that creates more space and consequently, makes your home a multi-purpose platform. One can make the living room into a study area by fixing a table and chair in one corner, while separating it by foldable partition to make it a bedroom in case of space constraints. Professionals who work from home, for instance - a photographer, an artist, a writer - may want to create a corner to work and showcase their talent. A work and play ambience will drive the person to work even more.

Mumbai based interior designer Ajit Sawant advices “Vibrancy and exuberance will remain when one plays with colours. Don’t be afraid to paint! Plain white walls just add to the cave effect in your room. Try adding one rich colour like sea blue, sage green or chocolate brown, even rich red that will open up the room.” Sawant adds further the biggest myth out there is that colours will make a room seem smaller or darker; it is just not true! The more colour you put on the walls, the brighter and more open the room becomes.

Add more magic to the home with colourful curtains or drapes that flow along the windows. Paintings and posters are another option to camouflage the monotonous walls.The bedroom can also simply have a wardrobe, and a bed with side table and mirror.

Less is more though, so whatever you do, don’t go overboard. A few really cool, well placed, big items will make a room look fantastic and pulled together. Your more focus should be on you and your needs. So don’t include useless decorations unless they’re also functional and don’t spend money and time searching for items you’ll never use.

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