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3D Surfaces In Interior Design

Saturday, September 15, 2018

By Ritu Goregaoker, Design Director, GA Design

As a designer, ours is a sensorial world. We navigate, explore, and ultimately create through the experienced use of our senses. Given the opportunity (and the budgets), our goal is to create spaces that are, for lack of a better term, sensational.

Texture has a huge impact on our perceptions of the world around us and contrast is essential when it comes to design because it keeps things balanced and also provides visual interest.

To create visually appealing spaces, designers apply various elements of design – line and shape, color, texture & pattern, proportion, and light. One such very important factor and also a trend which happens to be spreading like wild fire is Textured and 3 dimensional surfaces. The surface in question could be a wall, a piece of furniture or ceiling. Anything that fancies the designers imagination and of course makes design sense.

Walls for instance have become a growing trend because they can take on a myriad of aesthetics from fine linen to bold geometric forms. They are a great way to enhance the interior scheme as well as a solution to dealing with flawed walls, sound and insulation issues combined with uniformity of appearance, along with some measure of durability or ease of replace ability.

Another element with 3d surfaces is how we perceive the design. The beauty and uniqueness of the design is not only visible, but you can feel it. It is an invitation to use your tactile sense and to perceive with your own hands the unrepeatability of the surface. They add depth to flat surfaces and create unique light and shadow effects which in turn create stunning visual effects.

And to keep it from getting monotonous there is an extremely wide set of unique 3d wall panels realized in different materials, from wood to fiber, mdf and metal to marble and fabric bringing a distinctive design to the surface.

Another aspect to 3 dimensional surfaces which is burgeoning currently in interiors is facets.  Angles connect to other angles to create various three-dimensional forms.  Think of a diamond and its many facets, or the angles of a freeform shape. Maybe people are drawn to them because they have a jewel-like quality but more than likely, it’s the asymmetry and dynamic nature they possess.

Even Furniture has taken on this trend as seen at the recent Milan furniture fair – salone del mobile 2018. Faceted surfaces on sofa’s, center tables, dining table base created by International brands like BOCA DO LOBO and VONDOM have given 3 dimensional treatment of surfaces a completely different look giving us stunning pieces to complement our interiors. And not left far behind are sanitary fixtures like wash basins and water closets from STERNHAGEN. They also have a range of wall tiles in 3 dimension which are very interesting and in different colors as well.

Most human beings are hungry for new experiences, visiting new places, tasting new foods, hearing new sounds, breathing in new smells, and touching new textures. We’re not only looking to saturate our senses…sometimes we’re just want to be surprised by something new and unexpected.

The unexpected reality of a topography that adds dimension to a wall or surface, and the emotional response from everyone who interacts with that surface are the small differences that will makes our work delightful, even sensational.

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