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What they need from their ACs

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Should help save on power bills
Sachin Shetty

If I were to buy an air conditioner, the first feature that I would look for is the power-saving capacity of the AC. Buying a conditioner is does not cause that much of a financial problem as its usage and subsequent billing. It’s is almost impossible to afford it due to power bills that tend to soar due to the AC usage which is high in Mumbai’s sweltering heat.

want to ensure germ-free air
Salim Shaikh

I have children coming over at home regularly and would much rather prefer an air conditioner that promises to provide bacteria and virus-free air. Seeing one’s child sick is not the best of things. And, with the levels of pollution that we suffer in our city it is better to be safe than sorry. What better way to do it than buy an AC that gives me that assurance.

i’d prefer conventional ac
Suresh Shah

I don’t really understand all this new fancy air conditioners lingo and to be truthful I think I would much rather prefer the conventional AC over the new modern ones because I am not really sure that there really is a need of all the functions they talk about. It’s mostly a lot of sales talk involved that doesn’t really make much difference.

it should work well, do its job
Abdul Khan

An air conditioner’s job is to cool the house and as long as it’s doing the job properly, I don’t really care about any other feature. Sure, having a power saving mode would be an advantage, but it’s not something I would go looking for. After all, it’s the cooling that matters to an AC buyer, isn’t it?

Prefer one that maintains the cool
Krishna Pawle

With the weather being so hot, I would prefer an air conditioner that can maintain the coolness in the room without the temperature fluctuating all the time. I have read about some AC that maintains uniform temperature throughout and would prefer to have something like that. As I understand, there are a lot of ACs with advanced functions too nowadays.

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