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There’s a brand new breed of ACs to buy

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Prerna Pandey writes on the new range of air conditioners to have hit the market

Until a few years back, an air conditioner was only about the capacity (number of tonnes), the brand and the size of the room. Nowadays buying an air conditioner for your home is a different ball game all together. There are just so many types of air conditioner with smart functions that it gets difficult to decide upon one.

“Nowadays the air conditioners have so many functions that I didn’t even imagine was possible. There are just so many things that unless you do your homework well and know exactly what you want you will never be able to decide on one,” says retired banker Ashvin Vyas.

So, when you go out there and see an air conditioner that says it has ‘full HD filter’ it means that the company is promising you ‘clean air’ which is free of dust particles.

This particular one is a feature of Samsung air conditioners and the company promises that the AC can filter the ‘smallest microscopic dust particle,’ transforming polluted air and providing you with healthy, clean air.

Other than the full HD filter, Samsung also has a feature called ‘Good Sleep.’ According to the company, this smart feature creates an ‘ideally comfortable climate in your bedroom’. The modern Samsung air conditioners have ‘precise temperature control system’ and ‘automatic moisture adjustment, your sleep is protected from humidity and heat. This feature also saves up to 36 per cent in energy consumption compared to the normal cooling mode.

In comparison to Samsung’s HD filter, LG too has an air filter and along with it also has an ‘anti-bacterial and virus protection filter’ In LG air conditioners, there are more than just one filter and contaminated air floating inside the home is purified through these multi filters.

These filters are - an anti-bacterial pre-filter, a triple filter for deodorization, plasma filter for sterilization, a virus safety filter, that the company claims, is especially for A(H1N1) and bird flu, allergy free filter, and finally an ionizer for sterilization. The company also ascertains that the multi-filter system protects consumers from harmful bacteria, viruses, germs and nasty smells.

Even in LG there is a function in which, at night, the AC reduces operating noise to 19dB, which, the company says, is almost inaudible to humans. When the air conditioner is activated, the compressor operates at maximum speed to reach the desired temperature quickly.

Unlike conventional air conditioners, the LG adjusts and ‘varies compressor speed once the desired temperature is achieved to maintain a constant temperature’.

Then there are air conditioners with smart technologies that functions according to its surrounding i.e. the air conditioner can sense whether there is a person in the room, maintain the temperature according to the atmosphere in the room, maintain a ‘comfortable’ temperature during night time when you sleep and it also has a sensor that can detect your movement.

Different brand call this technology by different names, like, for instance, Whirlpool calls it ‘sixth sense technology.’ 
Among the new features that are doing the rounds, inverter technology is the one that is grabbing the most attention. Most of the companies have been boasting about this technology. This technology is basically for power saving and comfortable cooling.

Toshiba promises to maintain precise control of room temperature with this technology.

Along with maintaining the temperature this technology also helps control and reduces the compressor power once the temperature is reached. In conventional ACs, the compressor turns off once the room temperature reaches the desired level and comes on again when the temperature drops. During this time, the temperature greatly fluctuates. The new inverter technology eliminates this fluctuating temperature phenomenon. 

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