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The air-conditioner technical jargon simplified

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Here’s a ready reckoner to unscramble the lingo that comes with an AC

Turbo cooling
Turbo cooling means that the air conditioner reaches the desired temperature at a very high speed and cools down the space instantly, unlike in conventional air conditioners where cooling process takes longer.

Most of the air conditioners have dehumidifier installed within. This means, that the AC doesn’t let your place to remain damp and muggy as it removes excess moisture from the room.

But in few of new air conditioners, you won’t have water leaking from your air conditioner like it normally does in conventional air conditioners, and thankfully too.

This unique feature is there in most of the modern air conditioners and is basically designed to get rid of any nasty smell in the room. Most of the air conditioner companies say that this feature helps in ‘soothing’ your sense and also kills the bacteria present in the air.

Blue fin condenser
The function of an air conditioner mainly depends on its condenser, which usually suffers due to exposure to salty water, sunlight dust, wind and other such factor. Blue fin condenser in a feature in one of the latest air conditioner due to which, the company assures, the life of the condenser is tripled. In this the condenser is coated with a layer of anti-rust that increases the life of the condenser.

Intelligent inverter technology
The biggest grouse of an air conditioner consumer is the consumption of electricity due to AC usage. With the new inverter technologies, the electricity consumption is reduced to up to 50 per cent. According to this technology the air conditioners work on maintaining the temperature of the room by varying the rotation of the compressor. Thus the electricity that is used in cooling the room again after the compressor shut off (like in conventional air conditioner) is saved, concurrently staving off a lot of trouble for you too, in the bargain.
— Prerna Pandey

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