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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Arranging a party at your home can be a big task. It’s not all that easy to arrange everything from food, entertainment to decoration and takes up a lot of time and concentration. With wedding season going on there will be so many engagement parties, wedding parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties etc. and wedding parties and sorts are incomplete without the flowers.

“Out of all the types of decoration available flowers are the most sought after decorative article for formal parties like wedding or engagement parties,” says party decorator Anand Shrivastav. But if you are looking for a low key party at your home for only relative and a small group of friends, then decorating the place by yourself only makes sense. Hiring a profession to decorate your home is not the wisest idea. Firstly they charge you a bomb if you only have a small place to decorate and secondly they don’t even have time to for small jobs during this season since they have bigger projects at hand like, decorating wedding hall, garden etc.,” says soon-to-be-married Neha Sood.

Not many of us know but there are different types of flower arrangement and are used for such formal occasions. So, if you are planning to decorate your house on your own here is a guide that will help you with few flower arrangements that will come in handy when you decorate the house. Even if you aren’t planning to do the decoration yourself, you don’t have to hire a professional just hire some local florist and tell him what and how do you want your flower arrangement to be.

Vertical flower arrangement
For this type of flower arrangement, carnation, tulips and roses are used. It is a tall-ish flower arrangement in which very tall stems of flowers. Leaves and these flowers are used to make the main crux of the flower arrangement and shorter add-ons like forget-me-not are used to make the arrangement look poised.

Horizontal flower arrangement
This type of flower arrangement has a focus point in the centre and other flowers are arranged on each sides of the focal flower. Rose is almost always used as the focus in this type of flower arrangement. You can also use lilies as the focus for this arrangement. Horizontal flower arrangements are very low and hence are suitable for centre table decorations and can also be kept at windowsill for decoration.

Minimalist Flower Arrangements
This is by far the easiest type of arrangement to understand ad follow through. A minimalist arrangement incorporates only a few flowers; often as few as three. Long-stemmed flowers like lily are often chosen for incorporation in minimalist arrangements, and this style often put up around a central flower, with only a few other elements incorporated for contrast with the central flower. This design is usually used in in home decoration and as decoration in other indoor spaces.

Crescent flower arrangement
This type of flower arrangement is in the shape of the moon. You can use any flower you like depending on the size of the crescent and the stem of the flowers. It is preferred to use flowers with flexible stems like carnations can be used. Crescent flower arrangements are suitable for table decoration. You can also use fern leaf at the base to give it the crescent shape.

Triangular arrangement
This type of flower arrangement uses the tallest flower stems in the centre while the smaller flowers are placed on the sides to maintain the triangular shape. A tall leaf is used at the base behind the tall flower. This is the very common type of bouquet that we find at most of the florists store. This type of floral arrangement is usually to grace a centre table.
— Prerna Pandey

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