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Saturday, April 28, 2012
By A Correspondent

Running water is a great asset to a home according to the tenets of both Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui

Indoor fountains and waterfalls are a great home accessory for homeowners who love the idea of having flowing water in their homes.

While adding a touch of class to the décor of any home, water fountains or waterfalls have also been known to have a peaceful and visually calming effect on the members of a household.

Moreover, water fountains which symbolise running water are known to be great assets to a home according to the tenets of both Vaastu Shastra and the ancient Chinese interior design science known as Feng Shui.

Indoor water fountains are now available in an amazing array of designs.

They are now made from different types of materials and can also fit within various budgets. “With markets today bursting at their seams with different home accessories, indoor fountains can now be bought to suit different home décors,” says Thane based interior decorator Chaitali Walke.

From traditionally Indian décor to modern minimalism there’s a water fountain out there for every style.

“And what’s more people have the option of choosing from either wall-mounted fountains or table top fountains or waterfalls,” she explains.

“I’ve always loved the idea of water fountains,” says Ghatkopar based homemaker Meena Bhandari.

“There’s nothing as soothing as the sounds of natural running water in one’s home without actually wasting any water. Considering there is so much wastage of water in and around houses, I’d feel terribly guilty for wasting any water at my end. So, after toying for months with the idea of having a water fountain I got one.

My Vaastu consultant strongly advised me to include a water fountain  in my home in order to lend a relaxing element to our home because my husband Amit who is a stockbroker has a very highly stressed job,” she says. Meena opted for a table top water fountain, which she placed in one corner of her living room.

The best feature of table top fountains is that they are easily transportable from room to room and homeowners who like the sound of cascading water can relocate their fountain to any room they like.

Coming in various sizes they can be placed in any corner of a home such as in bookshelves, on table tops or corner tables, taking up very little space.

The many decorative styles also include many materials such as resin, shells, marble, plexi glass, cement, limestone, fibre glass and bamboos.

Enthusiasts can also choose the type of flowing water they prefer in their fountain or waterfall. For instance the water could trickle, cascade, drip or pour.

“Living in a row house, we had plenty of space with our living room being quite spacious,” says Vashi based businesswoman Rashmi Talwar.

“I wanted to have something unique in our living room because both my husband and I did a lot of entertaining.

“We had a small 100 sq ft area near the foyer of our home that I didn’t know how to fill up. It was then that I hit upon the idea of an interior floor fountain,” she says.
Rashmi’s floor fountain is a medium-sized marble fountain which she has placed at the entrance of her living room.

“Our floor fountain has completely uplifted the entire foyer and also added a touch of elegance to it,” she says.

Colourful lighting arrangements can also be installed in the fountain to make them more striking. The lights add to the entire joy of the fountain and adds to the visual effect.

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