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Mumbai and Thane's Shaam-E-Iftaar!

Photographs By: Santosh Gupta, Trupti Arekar and Shyam Iyer
Mumbai and Thane's Shaam-E-Iftaar!
Mumbai, has always been famous for serving some of the best street food as well as gourmet fare and it turns splendid during the holy month of Ramadan. This is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar when Muslims fast from dawn to dusk, and eat only after sunset. Mumbai serves delicious Iftaar food which includes quail tandoor, kebabs, malpua, fruit based phirnis, faloodas and more. There's something special about Mohhamad Ali Road and Thane's Rabodi area during Ramadan which otherwise serve the same food but is not so relishing on a regular day. 
As you enter Mohammed Ali Road, ask one of the million people around to point you to Minara Masjid. As you get closer to it, you’ll pick up the smell of kebabs and roast meat just before you see the green mosque, towering over the food hub. The displays of various meats are not for the faint hearted foodie as rows of marinated chicken tandoori are kept on an open charcoal fire with young shop attendants fanning the charcoal fires to maintain the heat to evenly grill the ‘Kheeri’ ‘Kaleji’ and ‘Seekh Kebabs’, while others are tossing and turning the ‘keema botis’, ‘gurda masala’, ‘bheja fry’ which are delicacies made of offal on large iron tawas. These streets offer ‘Khichda’, a mutton specialty cooked overnight with lentils and supposed to be a complete protein punch, Naan Chaap, Biryani and Paya. Those with a sweet tooth can munch on Firnis, bright orange Halwas with fried Puris and the Ramzaan special ‘Maalpua’, a sweet omelet made with 6-8 eggs and flour, deep fried in oil.
The Afternoon D&C photographers Santosh Gupta, Trupti Arekar and Shyam Iyer wander on the streets of South Mumbai's Mohammad Ali Road and Thane's Rabodi locality during Ramzan.
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