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Homeless in Maximum City!

Photographs By: Azad Shrivastav
Homeless in Maximum City!
Contrary to the popular urban, middle-class belief that people living on Mumbai's streets are thieves, beggars, drug addicts and miscreants, the city's homeless are deeply tied to the informal economy of Mumbai. It is their contribution in the form of cheap labour that makes the city what it is. The homeless people are predominantly from the state, but there are substantial numbers from other states too.
Daily wage labourers, mostly from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, retire for the day on the pavements outside their workplaces in Crawford Market, under the flyovers at Dadar, Byculla, Kalachowki, Parel, Bandra and others. At the end of the day, the pavements in the city are abuzz with activity as this is when these labourers catch up with their friends and family. For many homeless, the streets are closest to home. They may be homes without safety, without privacy, without roofs to protect them from heavy rains and without walls to keep the winter winds at bay, but homes nevertheless.
The Afternoon D&C photographer Azad Shrivastav captures the moments of these homeless community as they are pushed into the perilous margins of the urban landscape, to pavements, street corners, railway platforms and spaces underneath bridges and flyovers, always struggling to survive with dignity.
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