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With the terrorist attack on Pakistan's Karachi airport, do you think Indian airports are safe?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mohit Lala
Estate Agent

Yes. At any given point of time, Indian airports are very well secured as compared to the airports in Pakistan.

Amol Kale
Hotel Owner

No. Airports in several cities of India are vulnerable with regard to the security aspects and major terrorist strikes can take place anytime.

Shivraj Nevrekar

Yes. After 26/11, security at airports, boarders as well as in public transport areas has increased.

Shivshankar Dey
MBA Student

Might be. Considering the increased security  and new rules to secure various areas. But there are loopholes too.

Darshan Panchal
Engineering Student

Yes. India is far better in terms of security than Pakistan and securing airports has always been a priority for the govts at the Centre as well as the state.

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