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Zen Mode, On

Friday, February 17, 2017

Considered one of the oldest symbols of luck, statues and figurines of Buddha remain our favourite home accessory even today. The Mumbai Mix Team helps you bring in good vibes with a few wonderful Buddha statues

Although they’re tied to Buddhism, placing these statues around your home often has nothing to do with the practice of the religion. They’ve become symbols of everything from luck and prosperity to peace and meditation, and it helps that they look great as a home accessory too. While most Buddhists create an altar or temple for their statue, you don’t have to. According to the rules of feng shui, Buddha statues assist chi energy and allow it to move about freely in your home or garden. There are several different types of Buddha-inspired statues, including standing and sleeping poses, and variations of the popular laughing Buddha. However, we decided to start off by focusing on a few of the most popular seated Gautam Buddha poses. Take a look at what each one means and pick from our favourites.


Why you need it: Usually known as the namaskara mudra, this Buddha statue has both hands raised in a position of prayer. It is not as common as other meditating types, but it is a good way to bring in a sense of reverence and salutation.

Our pick: Crafted from a block of dense sandstone, this figure is available for Rs 799 on It’s the ideal gift for a collector or to lend a little charm to your favourite corner.


Why you need it: A very popular one to have in your home, this is a particular favourite for us. It depicts a seated Buddha with one hand raised (remember this should face outwards) and the other in a meditative pose in the lap. It helps overcome fear and protects your home and family.

Our pick: Available in brass, copper and gold tones on several Indian sites and at stores across the city, we were looking for the perfect stone-inspired piece for this one. If you’re willing to pay a little extra in global shipping and customs, you can pick up this perfect, intricately carved one from for a total of around Rs 6,000.


Why you need it: A relatively new pose for the statues, this evokes healing energy, balances tension in the air and promotes good fortune. It’s usually called a resting Buddha.

Our pick: What could be more adorable than this snoozing Buddha statue? Available for Rs 2,199 on, we love the dash of colour on the golden statue that the blue and red robes add.


Why you need it: If you’re planning to pick up a carved head, remember that it represents wisdom, peace and calm. If you go into more detail, each facial expression can mean different things: For example, closed eyes depict a meditative state, while a bump between the eyes is said to symbolise supernatural vision.

Our pick: This Ethnic Brass Buddha Head from Fab Furnish makes sure there is a subtle harmony of spirituality wafting through your home. Displayed indoors or outdoors, the eye-catching piece costs Rs 899 and is available on


Why you need it: The medicine Buddha has one hand held up and the other holding a bowl of herbs. It brings in good health and blessings. 

Our pick: Place this one for Rs 2,327 from on your work desk or coffee table.


Why you need it: Known to bring peace and prosperity, this statue shows Buddha in a meditative pose, with both hands in the lap, in a position called the cosmic mudra. Remember to place this facing east!

Our pick: This intricately crafted piece from Ferns N Petals costs Rs 1,599 and is the perfect home accessory if you’re looking to decorate your garden. Pick it up from

The teaching pose: If you find a statue with both hands at chest level, with the index finger and thumb in a circle pose, you’ve stumbled upon the teaching Buddha, which has an aura of enlightenment.

The earth touching Buddha: This one, also a symbol of enlightenment, has one hand on the knee and the other positioned on the lap, with the palm facing upwards. 

The meditation Buddha: Also known as the serenity Buddha, this is an extremely popular one, with both hands in the lap. The legs could be in a double lotus (both ankles tucked one behind the other) or single lotus (one leg rests on the other) pose. It brings a sense of peace into your home.

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