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Travelling From Home

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Can’t get over your wanderlust, even when you’re at home? Jagruti Verma has the perfect décor tips if you want to add a little of your love for travel into your space

Whether it’s because you want to live life on your own terms or find new adventures, or you simply love discovering new places, we understand the constant itch to travel. However, the reality is that you probably leaf through travel brochures more than you actually travel. If you love exploring and want to be surrounded by all things travel, we’ve got an easy fix for you. Apply these décor hacks to your space to feel like a true traveller, and also to find the perfect spots for all your souvenirs!

Map your wall
Yes, we know this sounds a little too basic, but a large map covering one wall of your room will look great, especially if it’s embellished with pins that chart out the places you’ve already travelled to. This will motivate you to travel more too. If you’re feeling particularly bold and know a good artist, you could even commission a large painting or mural of the world map on your wall, which will make it easier to personalise it.

Build a shoe rack
This sounds strange, but do wait till we’re finished! Instead of buying thimbles, shot glasses or bookmarks from the places you’ve visited, how about wearing a different pair of shoes to each place you visit? The first thing you should do when you get to a new destination, even if it’s just a weekend trip out of state, is pick up a pair of shoes. Build a shoe rack display in your room where you can proudly show off the shoes from all the places you’ve visited! It’s quirky, different and a lot of fun to put together through the year.

Focus on the kitchen
Even if you can’t pick them up from actual travels, world food stores will help you out here. Organise your kitchen so that spices and flavours from different cuisines and destinations have dedicated homes. From a Japanese corner to a South African spice station, you can enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of world cuisine every time you step into your kitchen. You can even use cute tags, markers or magnets to identify and give life to them.

Under the Tuscan sun
If you love the outdoors, you’re going to feel a little stifled because you are spending a lot of time indoors. A good way to fix this is to pick sheer curtains  and let a little light into every corner of your home. This will help you to feel more connected to the outdoors, even if you are still within city limits.

Knowledge counts
Make space for a big bookshelf in the living room and fill it with books about all the different places in the world, their culture and the lives of people who live there. We understand that you can get all this information at the click of a button, but there is something special about books. You will feel it when you see them stacked up in your room!

You don’t have to be ambitious about travelling across the world; sometimes all you need to do is know your city well enough! If you are passionate and adventurous about Mumbai, you don’t even have to think about saving up. Just catch a local train, hop in a cab or hail an autorickshaw to explore the ins and outs of this beautiful, old city! But, if you are too lazy to go outdoors, here are two ways you can add a little hint of Mumbai to your home.

Sands of time
Pick up some sand on your next visit to the beach and pour it into a bowl or jar that you can keep on your desk. Sand has a therapeutic quality, which helps soothe and calm you down on a tough day!

Chai please!
You absolutely must have a cup of the quintessential image of Mumbai — cutting chai — with a tea set at home! Today, several brands offer customised cutting glasses, but we suggest placing a traditional set on your dining table.

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