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Threading It In

Monday, September 11, 2017

Delicate thread work on dresses can brighten up the look of just about any outfit. Trisha Ghoroi introduces you to the lost art of embroidery and how to get it right

The fashion world is buzzing with off-shoulder dresses, casual tees and body suits, and for fashionistas like us, keeping an eye on the latest trends comes naturally. But, in the hustle and bustle of new trends and styles, it’s easy to forget old ones. However, while some go out of style, others are just classic and never seem to disappear. Embroidery is yet another art that is never going to fade away. If you believe that it is only for traditional dresses, we’re here to burst your bubble. Patterns made with colourful threads and skilled stitching, embroidery can embellish any western outfit and it works on accessories too! Here are some of the best embroidered outfits we found so that you can stock your wardrobe with evergreen fashion.

Play with peach

Once in a while we all love to don a beautiful traditional outfit, but if you don’t like the bling and the beads, try this embroidered anarkali from Craftsvilla. The top is a soft peach with golden and brown embroidery, while the bottom half is a light peach coloured net with branches of the same colour, giving it a three-dimensional effect.

Get it on: for Rs. 14,999.

Pop of colour

 We simply love this skater dress with its symmetrical design and red, pink, white and blue embroidery, which is whimsical and full of curved lines and repeated pattern. Whether it is a shopping trip, a casual get-together or a music concert, look your best in this dress wherever you go.

Get it on: for Rs. 1,690.

Dungarees love

Dungarees are another hot trend, and when they have fun embroidery patterns on them, they will definitely be a hit, just like this rose pink dungaree with a fox embroidered on it. This funky outfit is designed for all the fun and free-spirited girls out there! Pair it with a dark T-shirt and let the world know what your spirit animal is.

Get them on: for Rs. 1,199.

Casual Chic

The middle ground between jeans and leggings, jeggins are our saving grace and, for the most part, they have taken the place of our everyday denims. But, a little embroidered design makes your regular jeggins look more fashionable. These light blue jeggins with a dark blue floral pattern are perfect for everyday wear.

Get them on: for Rs. 1,399.

Floral art

If you love squeezing into mini-skirts, then try this one on for size. The black faux leather forms a nice backdrop for the delicate thread work. We love the floral embroidery that consists of red floral designs and colourful small leaves. This skirt is a perfect balance between traditional outfits and embroidery design, making it a unique piece.

Get it on: for Rs. 2,499.

Embroidered accessories

If you love everything embroidered but still want more, these embroidered accessories are for you! Meant for everyday use, they will up your style game.

Rosy red backpack

The next best place for embroidery other than on your clothing is on your bag, and this one will let you rock it like a biker chic because of its stud detailing. We also like the rose bouquet embroidery.

Get it on: for Rs. 1,499.

Rainbow flats

Just because you aren’t wearing heels doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt your footwear. Available in blue, red, black and beige, this pair of strappy flats is perfect for a breezy summer day. We particularly like how the colours pop on the black shoe.

Get it on: for Rs.  1,665.

A spin on scarves

Scarves are trendy and you see them everywhere, but we’re bored with the regular scarf designs. So pick an embroidered one instead. This white scarf with black embroidery is lovely. The leaf design with endless curves in black just bounces off the white scarf and gives it an elegant look.

Get it on: for Rs.  1,199.

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