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The Perfect Smile

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

People are opting for various enhancement procedures, one of which is dental colour correction. Khevna Pandit talks to experts and people around the city to find out what they think about the trend

While we’re all for natural beauty, the many procedures and treatments available do arouse our curiosity once in a while. And, we are quite intrigued by one of the latest beauty trends, which involves brightening your teeth. After all, can a cream really make your teeth look brighter if you’ve neglected them over the years? There are several home remedies that can help us do it without spending a pretty penny, so the trend that is slowly gaining popularity does raise a few questions. Does colour correction have any side effects? Is it worth the price? And, how many types of treatments are there? We don’t blame you if you’re confused. We spoke to people around the city and we also got inputs from dental experts to know more about the trend and what to expect.


Best done under guidance

“Dental bonding and bleaching of teeth are procedures done for ‘Smile Designing’. This helps enhance a person’s smile and increases self-confidence. A beautiful smile is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also plays an important role in creating a positive first impression with others and feeling good about yourself. There are various kinds of procedures, and proper treatment planning is important. It is also important for a person to understand the treatment plan as well as its pros and cons. The colours from the foods in our diet contribute to staining our teeth, as do smoking, chewing pan and tobacco, and drinking tea and coffee. These habits should be discontinued. The whitening creams available in the market do not contain strong bleaching agents. The results with these products may not be very effective. Bleaching of teeth is always recommended to be done under professional guidance.”

– Dr. Sona Bhatia, consultant dental surgeon, department coordinator, Fortis Hospital

Opt for natural remedies instead

“Sometimes, people are conscious about their smile in public due to stained teeth. The enamel of your teeth may gradually turn yellow due to factors such as faulty dental care, ageing, excessive consumption of tea or coffee, genetic factors, smoking and tobacco consumption. Instead of resorting to colour correction, these yellow tinges can easily be curbed by trying out a few effective natural remedies that help reinstate your lustrous white smile. The most effective natural ingredients that contribute towards getting rid of yellow teeth are baking soda, fresh orange peel, strawberries, hydrogen peroxide and salt.”

– Dr. Karishma Jaradi, aesthetic dentist, Dentzz Dental Care Centres

Stay away from treatments unless absolutely necessary

“I would suggest conserving what is natural, but thanks to commercial demands, people prefer to opt for colour correction. I would not suggest it, unless it is absolutely necessary. However, there is a better way to stop the yellowing of your teeth. Simply cut down on caffeine drinks and smoking, and maintain a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. While I don’t advise using the creams available in the market, I have seen fabulous results.”

– Dr. Bhagyeshwari, deputy centre head, AXIS Hospital

A confidence booster

“Colour correction is a good cosmetic dental procedure, as it not only enhances the colour of your teeth, but also boosts self confidence. Nowadays, everyone wants to look their best and put on their best smile. So, I would definitely advise opting for cosmetic dental procedures such as tooth whitening, dental laminates and smile makeovers. There are various whitening creams available in the market, but they can’t be considered as effective as the procedure done by a qualified dentist. Sometimes, they can even do more harm than good, so they should only be used if your dental expert gives you the go-ahead.”

– Dr. Monica Kapoor, cosmetic dental expert, The Cosmetic Club


Too artificial

“I wouldn’t like to get anything done to my teeth to make them look whiter. It sounds very artificial and also, I’m petrified of dental treatments. So, I don’t think that this is meant for me!”

– Kinnari Bothra, advertising student

Be happy with what you have

“I would never opt for colour correction for my teeth because I can easily do it with the help of Photoshop! But, jokes apart, I feel that it is wrong to do these procedures, because according to me, everyone has a perfect smile. Can you imagine a world in which everyone had an identical smile? It would be horrible. Everyone should be happy with their smiles as that’s what makes them unique.”

– Aditya Taya, graphic editor

Happy with my teeth

“I think that if I weren’t happy with my teeth, I would opt for such treatments. But, I am! Although I don’t have pearly white teeth, I like them the way they are. I feel my smile makes me different. I would like to have a perfect smile, but honestly, a little imperfection serves as a better motivator each day.”

– Aman Sharma, celebrity chat show host, emcee, singer and content curator


Colour correction is a form of cosmetic dentistry that is concerned with the appearance as well as the enhancement of a person’s smile. The procedure can also be thought of as a form of art, as it requires reconstructing a whiter and brighter smile instead of simply straightening your teeth. There are several types of colour treatments for your teeth. Here are a few you should know about.

Colour correcting toothpaste: A relatively new product in the market, the whitening purple toothpaste claims to correct the colour of your teeth in a matter of days.

Bleaching: This treatment only requires one visit to a dental clinic. The dentist applies a protective gel or puts a rubber shield on your gums, after which bleach is rubbed on the enamel of your teeth to brighten them.

Porcelain and composite veneers: Designed as a substitute for enamel, veneers are hard and thin tooth-coloured materials that can mask dental imperfection and make your teeth look whiter and brighter.

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