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Friday, April 21, 2017

We often find inspiration to work out by reading about how our favourite celebrities do it. But, wouldn’t it be great to watch the workouts in detail, right where we are? Khevna Pandit tells you about five of her favourite celebrity workout videos

From Olivia Newton-John’s and Paula Abdul’s dance workouts in the ’80s to aerobic specials and celebrity yoga, workout videos have been all the rage for several decades. There’s so many to pick from that you can get fit like your favourite celebrity, no matter what kind of workout you prefer. Whether you want to get on board with yoga, pilates or need a pre-natal exercise regime, our favourite A-listers have a video for almost anything.

Take a look at our favourite celebrity videos to see which one fits the workout regime you’ve decided to get involved with.

Sunny Leone
If you’re the sort of person who is vying for a flawless figure, this may help. You can now be part of Sunny Leone’s fitness routine with her DVD, Super Hot Sunny Mornings, created in association with her holistic health guru, Mickey Mehta. It includes a series of rigorous morning exercises to help jump-start your day.

Lara Dutta
After practicing yoga for over twelve years (even through her pregnancy), Lara Dutta turned her dedication to exercise during pregnancy into a DVD that focuses on prenatal yoga. The thought came to her after she realised that pregnancy may require a change in her fitness regime, but that didn’t mean giving up on exercise entirely. The 50-minute-long DVD talks about a prenatal routine followed by two meditation techniques and is called Heal with Lara.

Shilpa Shetty
This Bollywood diva best known for her tall, lean figure, has learnt to embrace yoga as part of her fitness routine. After learning almost all there is to learn, Shilpa Shetty decided to turn her inclination towards Ashtanga Yoga into a fitness series in which she skilfully performs various yoga poses that are essential to stay physically fit. This has been a favourite for years. We especially love how she also talks about spiritual and mental health in her DVD, Shilpa’s Yoga.

Bipasha Basu
Bipasha Basu made news when she came up with Love Yourself, a way to advocate her love for fitness. She introduced two more DVDs following the first, which had a 30-minute intensive dance routine workout and exercises to strengthen bones as well as for muscle co-ordination. The DVD talks about her disciplined lifestyle and well planned workouts for those who share a similar passion for fitness.

Kim Kardashian
Who doesn’t envy Kim Kardashian’s (almost unrealistic) figure? While we can’t really say we could work towards it, Kim K came up with a fitness DVD called Fit In Your Jeans by Friday. The three-disc set focuses largely on aerobics and claims to banish those love handles back to where they came from. She manages to put in few of her favourite challenging moves in a fun way to get your adrenaline rushing, and promises an ultimate body sculpt in a week!

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