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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Who hasn’t wished for glowing skin and long, thick and shiny hair! Aakriti Patni tells you the secret behind perfect skin and hair — making sure your diet has all the right nutrients

Bright and glowing skin, shiny smooth and silky hair, and pink nails as sharp as our pointed stiletto heels, we all dream of having acne-free skin, perfect hair and manicured nails all the time. And so, we try new skincare trends, buy beauty products by the dozen and fall prey to what beauty brands sell us, for even the slightest hope that we will have clear skin and soft hair.

But, the truth is that no amount of skin care and products, even those that are organically made, can give you that glow that you strive for. That is just an unrealistic stereotype. At the end of the day, like the rest of our body, our skin and hair need vitamins and minerals to remain healthy and glowing. And that’s why beauty pills for healthy skin and hair have been gaining popularity in recent times. These are vitamin-packed pills that are supposed to ensure shiny tresses and a glowing skin. Confused? Here we’re decoding the “pill-popping” trend. 

The secret to getting rid of skin issues and reducing hair fall lies in nutrition. Antioxidants, B-complex vitamins, biotin or vitamin B7 and even essential fatty acids play a big role in maintaining the health and quality of your skin and hair. While you can opt for a vitamin-rich diet to improve your skin and hair, it may not always be that simple. Naturally occurring nutrients (from foods and fruits) may not be available in large enough quantities in dietary sources, and your dietary restrictions may also play a role. So, many are turning to supplements to achieve lustrous locks and radiant skin.

Hair goals
Hair fall, hair breakage, dried and split ends and thinning hair — we’re sure you’ve faced at least one of these problems. Vitamins C, B12 and biotin are essential for the health and growth of hair. A deficiency of vitamin B12 and iron can lead to hair loss, while biotin is critical for hair growth. Choose supplements that have this vitamin to give your tresses a good start.

Our picks

Manetabolism Plus Vitamins

This vitamin tablet is said to give you longer, thicker and healthier hair, while also good for nails and skin. Pick this one if you feel as though your hair is not growing out fast enough or is on the scanty side. Get it on for Rs 1,689.

BrowGal Second Chance Beauty Supplement

A blend of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants and green tea extract, this supplement is said to improve hair density and bring a shine to your hair. It is also for thinning eyebrows and nail health. Get it on for around Rs 6,870.

Skin clarity

Even if you haven’t been facing a slew of skin problems, from dried, cracking skin to acne, there’s no reason you shouldn’t take vitamin supplements. Our skin is extremely delicate and is easily prone to injury. Even small issues such as climate change, dust and sun exposure can cause problems. Vitamins A, C and E are required by the body for healthy skin, so pick supplements that are rich in these nutrients.

 Our picks

Even Tone Support Supplements

Rich in vitamin C, with a blend of antioxidants and amino acids, this supplement targets dark spots, skin damage and uneven skin tone. It also works on hyper pigmented skin. Get it on for Rs 2,650.

Skin Booster from Perricone MD

A supplement that helps with signs of ageing and improves the texture and tone of your skin, this one contains Sicilian blood orange and grape skin, which improve the skin’s elasticity. Get it on for about Rs 3,570.

Unived Ovegha DHA Max

An omega-3 supplement, this one is claimed to help achieve younger looking skin while also boosting hydration, reducing acne and treating dark spots. But, while most omega-3 supplements contain fish oil, this one is vegan and is made from micro-algae. Get it on for Rs 1,400.

 Nailing the way
While you may think that nails are low maintenance, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your nails and cuticles need vitamins just like your hair and skin do. Brittle and weak nails are usually a sign of deficiency in B-complex vitamins. But, while there may not be a vitamin supplement especially for nails, there are many options to choose from which target hair and nails, as both are made of keratin and require biotin.

Our pick

Phytophanère Dietary Supplement

Designed to support healthy hair and strong nails, this supplement is aimed at weak and damaged hair and brittle nails. It harnesses the power of natural elements and comprises of essential fatty acids and an antioxidant blend. Get it on for approximately Rs 3,895.

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