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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Getting gorgeous skin doesn’t take much effort, but you have to work hard to maintain the glow. Pearl Mathias brings you ten ways to start the year looking like a million bucks

2017 is here and it’s time to chalk this resolution up on your list because you’re getting gorgeous skin this year! All you need to do is make little promises to yourself and religiously follow them. It may take a little time and effort initially, but through the weeks, you’ll realise that these changes will become part of your routine and in no time, you’ll have a daily beauty regimen that will lead to a charming complexion. Here are ten ways to begin taking care of your skin in the new year.

Let it sink in
You may be used to caking up your skincare products in order to get the job done quickly. However, this in turn beats the purpose of every product you use. Take a break in between applying your serum and moisturiser. Let each of them sink in before you apply the next layer. This way, you will allow them to individually work their charm instead of losing out on their benefits.

Moisturising is a must
Don’t wait for dry skin to show up in order to start using your moisturiser. The best time to soothe your skin with some lotion is right after you take a shower. The pores on your body are open and exposed at this time, making it easier for your skin to absorb the moisturiser. It also helps replenish the natural oils that your body is stripped of during a hot water bath. The best way to remember is by keeping your moisturiser in the bathroom itself.

Vitamin alert
There’s no shortcut to radiant skin and it doesn’t just depend on what you put on your face, but also on what you put into your body. What you eat directly shows up on your skin, so be careful about binge-eating unhealthy foods. Adding vitamin-rich foods such as carrots, spinach and sweet potato to your diet will reflect on your hair and skin in no time.

Don’t be too picky
It can be tempting to pop that zit, especially if you have an event lined up that day. But, touching your pimples only causes dirt to transfer from your fingers to your face, and the pimple that you were trying to get rid of will be replaced by another one soon enough. Instead, use an acne-fighting cream or a face wash; we hear you sigh. Sure, it’s not a quick aid, but you’d rather save your skin from breaking out more by avoiding the urge to pop a pimple.

Change your cases
If you have recurring acne despite your clean, healthy diet, the culprit may be your pillowcase. Your cases and bed linen collect dirt and bacteria over time and if you don’t change them often, this will be transferred to your face, causing acne. So, remember to change your pillowcases and sheets every two weeks or so in order to avoid breakouts after every nap you take.

Water woes
This isn’t a new one, but it is important when it comes to having beautiful skin. Drink plenty of water in order to keep your skin hydrated and flush out toxins from your system. Keep a bottle on your work desk and make it a point to re-fill it at least twice a day. Ideally, you should consume eight glasses of water daily for clear, glowing skin.

Wipe it off
No matter how late you get home after an eventful evening, never go to bed with makeup on. Makeup mixes with the dirt and oil on your skin and leads to breakouts. This traps free radicals under your skin, leading to damage. Remember to wash your face with cold water, following it up by cleansing with a good makeup remover. Also, avoid using makeup wipes, which contain harsh ingredients such as alcohol. These will do more damage to your skin than cleanse it.

Find out more
We know how it feels to walk into a store and be lured by beautiful packages and sweet-smelling beauty products. But, just because they are extremely fancy, doesn’t mean that they will work for you. So, make it a point to research the product you are going to buy before adding it to your cart. Read product reviews and see if it will suit your skin or not do any good for you at all.

Love your limbs
Don’t limit your skincare regime to your face alone. Your hands and feet need some pampering too! Treat them to a manicure and pedicure once a month and remember to moisturise them well before you go to bed. They’re the first to show signs of ageing, so care for them when you can, before it’s too late.

Have a good night
A good night’s sleep is the solution to most problems, especially when it comes to flawless skin. A lack of sleep will lead your blood flow to be inefficient as well, resulting in dull and lifeless skin. So, make sure you get around eight hours of sleep in order to look and feel your best the next morning.

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