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Leaving The Nest

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

If you’re moving out of your home — for higher education or a job in another city — it’s no secret that your health will almost certainly suffer. Jagruti Verma brings you five ways to make sure it doesn’t affect you too much

Most young adults who leave home for further studies or for a job in another city are excited by the freedom it brings. But, that initial rush may come crashing down, because living on your own, or even with a roommate, can be difficult. You’re suddenly thrown into the real world with little preparation and no idea how to get through it. And, most of the time, it takes a toll on your health. So, what can you do to make sure that your health doesn’t take a back seat? Read on to find out.

Maintain a routine

You may have all the freedom that you craved for, but it isn’t wise to punish your body. Maintaining a proper routine keeps you at your productive best. It’s important to keep a check on late nights and avoid too much variation in meal times. And, we don’t need to tell you that maintaining a regular sleep routine is also crucial. It’s easy to let your schedule get out of hand, so be diligent. You may have to learn to say no to colleagues or friends or bear the teasing of your comfy routine.

Aim for stability

Moving out of your home shouldn’t result in instability. It’s best to find accommodation that’s relatively stable. And, that includes having stable living mates as well. A constant change in your most intimate environment can leave you disoriented and may cause a strain on your health in the long term.

Make good decisions

When you’re at home, your parents inevitably contribute to your decisions. And, most times they serve as a guiding voice to help you make good decisions. When you move out, you’re going to lose that guidance all of a sudden, and you may not realise it. Take your time when making decisions, to make sure you’re dealing with issues well.

Stay in contact

Just because you’ve moved out, it doesn’t mean that you should cut all contact with your family and friends back home. Make sure to visit home whenever you can — at least once in a year if you’re in another city. Having a loving home to return to where you’re always welcome and the psychological support of family are things to cherish.

Learn to manage money

It may not seem like a health issue, but not having enough money to sustain yourself can be quite stressful. Even basic needs will seem like a luxury and you will tend to favour unhealthy meals over healthful options.

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