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Friday, August 11, 2017

India has grown so much since its independence; but 70 years later there are still several things we may not know about our country — be it history, culture or food. So, the Mumbai Mix Team lists some interesting shows for you to catch on television

Whatever our text books taught us about our country is far from the complete picture. Reading about national parks is no fun, but watching a wildlife survival battle is definitely more engaging. Watching the rhinos and elephants on screen, for instance, is a lot more exciting than reading a book. And, the same goes for history, food, industry and the fight for independence. Our country is full of surprises, courtesy its rich culture and history. Close to Independence Day, many TV channels are running interesting shows about India, and we’re sure you won’t want to miss them. Here are some you can watch.


Our celebrations are incomplete without us talking about food. And, no matter which corner of the world we find ourselves in, you can’t deny the urge to snack on some chaat or quench your thirst with freshly squeezed sugarcane juice. All through the month, FOX Life is celebrating the spirit of India with the show Food @ 9 with Gary Mehigan. With chef Sarah Todd, David Rocco and Kiran Jethwa, you can visually feast on the cultural fusion of Indian cuisine as they take you on an exciting food journey. This culinary adventure is full of delicious, unexplored experiences.

When:  Monday to Friday, at 9pm

Watch it on:  FOX Life


A tribute to India’s most colourful and majestic era, to the dynasty that ruled and shaped India into what it is now, the Mughal dynasty is being celebrated in this visual treat, Warrior Empire: The Mughals. From 1526 to 1858, the Mughals conquered India and spread their reign and heritage throughout the subcontinent. Indulging in their appetite for territorial expansion, the dynasty accomplished wonders in building castles, forts, elaborate gardens and more. This documentary series delves into the technological inventions and architectural marvels that the Mughals achieved in their ruling years. They were masters in the arts and crafts, and infused Indian ways with their culture and traditions. Taking you from the Taj Mahal to Fatehpur Sikri, the documentary explores, in depth and detail, the creative work of the Mughal dynasty.

When:  August 15, at 9am

Watch it on:  History TV18

On account of India’s 71st Independence Day, ABP News has come up with a special series that leads up to the celebration on August 15. The series looks back on India’s 70 years as an independent country and will also glance into what the future holds. The show will consider multiple facets of India’s journey from 70 years ago till today, focusing on individuals, ideals and achievements that drove Indians to fight for their freedom and how they are still faring today. The show revisits 10 historical sites that were flashpoints from India’s pre-Independence days, and talks about 70 of the biggest Indian achievers as well as 10 biggest achievements we’ve made as an independent nation. Apart from this, the show also has a series of lighter moments and comedy along with Raju Shrivastava and ‘It Only Happens in India’. So, swell up in pride as you catch up with this series that’s on until Tuesday!

When:  Up to August 15 (Weekdays), at 9pm

Watch it on:  ABP News

Exploring the iconic infrastructural landmarks of India, India Unleashed is a documentary travel show, which illustrates the heritage of our country. Going on a journey through India and highlighting the symbolic representation of the country’s monuments, the show takes you on a virtual tour through history. Monday’s episode of the show will take a look at the challenges and struggles faced by Indian soldiers while protecting the Line of Control between India and Pakistan. The next episode, on Tuesday, will focus on the training that India’s Paratroopers undergo to meet their goals and defend the country.

When:  August 14 and 15, at 9pm

Watch it on:  Discovery Channel

Our country is extremely diverse in its culture, but that’s not all. We’re also blessed with diversity in plant and wildlife. If you’ve been to Kaziranga National Park or Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, you’ll know what we’re talking about. But, if you haven’t been on an Indian safari trip yet, here’s your chance to get a taste of it, on the small screen. Yeh Mera India goes across the country’s most stunning national parks, nature reserves and bio-diverse regions to discover its rich and varied wildlife. Airing on television every night, the sixth year of this programme will focus on three new series — Rhino Tales, Living with Elephants and Four Deadliest Snakes of India. The iconic wildlife and mystical locations not only make for an exhilarating journey, but showcase the essence of Indian wildlife.

When:  August 14, at 9pm

Watch it on:  Animal Planet


India is a large country and there’s nothing more stunning than India’s thriving wilderness; not even our landscaping wonders can match up to our wildlife. Considered as one of the ten most forest-rich countries of the world, India is also home to 12% of world’s recorded flora and 7% of its fauna. This Independence Day, take a peek into the lush green forests of the country and be awed by the jungles where the deadly and ferocious engage in unending battles of survival.

When:  August 15, at 4pm

Watch it on:  Nat Geo Wild HD

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