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Good News For Bad Conditions

Monday, January 09, 2017

Think that all health problems are a tragic occurrence? Purva Indulkar tells you about a few conditions that may actually be good news for you

If you’re expecting a child and you’ve been vomiting non-stop, here’s something that will make your day a little easier to bear: A study that was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association says that experiencing nausea may signal a 50 to 75% decrease in your risk of suffering from a miscarriage! Now, that may make it all worth it, right? Another study that was published in the same journal explains that people who are overweight have a greater chance of living longer and healing faster. We see you getting set to avoid the gym and settle in for some junk food binges! Since something as unpleasant as morning sickness can point towards so many positive things, there are possibly plenty of health conditions that are linked to better health too, right? We decided to take a look at a few studies and expert opinions about how some health conditions can actually signal good things.

As it turns out, we’ve been looking at certain health issues in a completely negative light. Here are a few studies that may serve to challenge these misconceptions.

Stress isn’t all bad
We often feel overwhelmed with work or trapped in a state of panic. Whether it is because of the deadlines that are constantly looming over our heads or because we’re dealing with a boss who refuses to be content with our work, stress is something that we deal with every day. But, according to The Upside of Stress, a book based on a scientific study by Stanford psychologist Kelly McGonigal PhD, this can actually be good for you. The key though, is to look at stress as a necessary part of your life, which is something that will drive you to work harder and finish your tasks on time. Very often, stress can prevent you from taking a huge step — whether it is getting into a new relationship, moving to a new city or starting your own business. Biological stress response, on the other hand, also makes you more open to new experiences, helping you to grow as a person.

Allergies protect us
Here’s some good news for those who suffer from seasonal, food or latex allergies: While your allergy symptoms can be a nuisance, a study published in Scientific American tells us that they are actually your body’s way of keeping you safe. While reactions such as anaphylaxis (it rapidly lowers your blood pressure and closes your airways) can be fatal, reactions that result in the sniffles and sneezing are actually protecting you from harmful substances present in the environment. A handful of researchers have passionately argued that runny noses, coughs and itchy rashes will help to keep toxic chemicals at bay.

Sadness can help with adjustment
We all have bouts of sadness, whether it is personal or professional. If you regularly suffer from prolonged periods of depression, you should consider seeking professional help. However, feeing sad or depressed in short bursts can actually help you in the long run. According clinical psychologist Lara Honos-Webb PhD, who wrote the book Listening to Depression: How Understanding Your Pain Can Heal Your Life, having experienced and survived depression makes you emotionally stronger. Depression is a signal that a pattern in your life needs to be broken and fixed, and once you deal with that, you usually learn to become more resilient.

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