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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Do you experience dry eyes or eye strain often? Pearl Mathias brings you five tips to decrease the damage caused by smartphone screen time

We’re no longer surprised when we chance upon a bunch of children with their noses buried in their cell phones. Or, a couple on a date who can’t resist checking their phones every now and then. But, we’re not blameless either. We’ve all posted picturesque images on our social media handles, constantly checking our phones to see how many likes and comments it has garnered.

We’re wired to check our phone the moment it buzzes or when there’s a flash on the screen. But, all that late-night browsing and scrolling when you’re in transit can negatively affect your sight. So, here are five simple things you can do to prevent it from causing further damage. Follow these simple steps and you should be able to reduce eye strain and fatigue.

  • Blink and browse: If you complain about dryness and irritation in your eyes, you’re probably not blinking enough. So, quit staring at your screen and get blinking as you browse so that your eyes stay moist.
  • Set the size: If you find yourself squinting when reading something on your phone, make the font size larger.
  • Level up: Our peepers are normally strained because we position our smart phones awkwardly when using them. Hold the phone at eye level when looking into the screen and position it further away from your eyes.
  • Get cleaning: It’s important to make a habit of cleaning your phone. The collected dirt can make reading more difficult and strain your eyes. Switch out the wet tissues for a dry cloth to get rid of the dust and grime that’s collected on it.
  • Give yourself a break: Make it a point to look away from your screen every 20 minutes or so and focus on objects in the distance. This helps to relax your eye muscles and keep eye strain away.
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