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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

They say if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. But when it comes to redecorating, it’s very easy to get things wrong. So, Jagruti Verma tells you about a few common mistakes people make, so that you can avoid them

While we love to beautify our homes, sometimes we tend to overdo things. And, when it comes to redecorating, this can have disastrous effects, in terms of the look of a home. You need to know a great deal in order to pull several things together to make a space come fully alive. However, if you keep a few simple things in mind, there’s no reason why you can’t do a good job. We spoke with a few interior designers, decorators and those with experience in the field or decorating to bring you a few commonly made mistakes to avoid when redecorating your home.

Shweta Mewara, creative director and co-founder of, tells us about how to avoid clutter and get the right kind of lighting for your room.

  • Putting everything you love in the living room can take away its charm. Having too many objects on the coffee table as well as your walls covered in paintings will only make your space seem cluttered and unbalanced.

Get it right: Crop your list of favourites and keep only those that you absolutely must have in your living room, creating a space that feels more functional and supportive instead of overwhelming.

  • When it comes to furniture, you have to grasp the scale of a certain piece, with respect to your space. A common mistake people make is that they buy what they like, even though it doesn’t fit their space.

Get it right: Take proper measurements or ask for appropriate customisations based on the size of your space before buying something. When buying online, check the dimensions that are mentioned in the description very carefully.

Minnie Bhatt, design director of Minnie Bhatt Design, tells us about the importance of choosing the correct aluminium sliders and the placement of air conditioners.

  • If you put in light aluminium sliding windows, chances are that they will get stuck as they wear out.

Get it right: Using a heavier aluminium sectioning can ensure smooth movement of your sliding windows. Adding a track and a shutter to the window with a mosquito net can be a useful add-on too.

  • Positioning the high wall split AC blower unit directly in line with the bed or the seating area can make it uncomfortable for people in the room.

Get it right: Place your AC at an angle so that it doesn’t blow cold air directly toward the seating area.

Shweta says that inadequate lighting can take away the essence of tranquillity you wish to create in your space.

Get it right: Decorate your space with layers of lighting, including dimmers that cater to your mood. Table lamps and chandeliers can make a big difference.

  • Complement white light with yellow light to give your space a soft and pleasant feel, Minnie tells us. Not doing so gives a sharp feel, which is undesirable. 

Get it right: Reduce the effect of white light by fitting a source in a cove. It will then be an indirect source rather than a direct one. Yellow LED spot lights can be used to enhance walls or pieces of art, lending character to the ambiance.

Sonam Gupta, design head at Tangerine, tells us about the importance of harmony throughout your décor.

  • Most people make the mistake of following trends and fads just because they are fashionable at the time.

Get it right: Always keep your needs in mind and make sure you choose the trends that suit your individual personality.

  • Many people buy décor items on a whim. Sometimes they settle for alternatives that don’t go as well with their space, just because these items are available or discounted. 

Get it right: The best way to make a purchase is by first doing your research. Find out what will look good in your space. Use reference images to help you imagine how the space will look.

  • Another common mistake people make is that they don’t match the elements in their house, or that they buy everything of the same colour.

Get it right: It’s a good idea to ensure that all elements blend well with each other. Using colourful cushions with simple bed sheets can be a good start if you feel the elements are too many to tackle at once.

Ram Mehrotra, VP sales and marketing of decorative paints at Kansai Nerolac Paints Limited, tells us about the importance of choosing the right paint when redecorating. 

  • A common mistake that people make is that they can’t settle on one thing for the focal point of a room.

Get it right: A focal point helps each room stand out. It could be the television in a small room or an accent wall in a large room. It helps draw attention to one section of the room.

  • People expect each piece to be a dazzling show-stopper in a room, which is another common faux pas.

Get it right: Even in a dramatic space, some elements must take a back seat. This also applies to the paint you choose for your walls. Texture and accent walls, when used wisely, can add character to your room without much effort on your part.

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