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Monday, March 20, 2017

Although leggings are considered one of the most versatile outfits, Pearl Mathias tells you why there are still some things you should avoid pairing with them

Leggings have been go-to comfort wear for us for years now. The garment has gone from boring black tights to various textures and trends over time and often trumps skinny jeans and baggy trousers because it provides comfort as well as style. When you’re not in the mood to dress up too much but still don’t want to look too sloppy, pairing a good top with a pair of leggings can help prevent a fashion faux pas. From tunics to kurtas and t-shirts to satin blouses, we’ve paired everything with our leggings — but should we? Read on to see what you may want to skip when you’re breaking out the leggings.

Crop it out
Although leggings can be dressed down, pairing a crop top with them isn’t the best idea, unless you’re heading for a workout. If you live by the ‘got it, will flaunt it’ mantra, consider throwing a jacket over it to make it seem a little more like an outfit than a workout style.

Dress it up
Wearing a pair of leggings under a dress or a skirt has been a style we’ve all swung back and forth from through the decades, but we’re leaving it somewhere in the mid-2000s till it sees another revival. While characters like Bernadette don them on shows like The Big Bang Theory, and you may be tempted to bring them back, we hope you don’t. If you’re in a colder climate or are looking for coverage, switch out the dress for an oversized sweater, or the leggings for sheer thermal tights.

Slip out of it
A big no-no for leggings is pairing super high heels or very beachy flip-flops with them. Sure, you’re going for the all-casual or semi-formal look, but it won’t pay off. Instead, consider teaming your outfit with loafers, flat boots, bellies or sneakers.

Oh tote!
Yes, totes are the most versatile bags, so pairing them with leggings seems like the safest bet. However, save this for days when you’re hitting the mall or catching a film. If you’re not keeping it casual, the beloved tote needs to go, anyway. Replace it with a chic handbag that will dress up your outfit.

Not-so-casual choices
Mo matter how easy it may seem to pair your favourite work blouse with leggings, it’s not the smartest choice. Yes, it appears to look okay and in some cases, even accentuates the semi-formal blouse. However, pairing a very fancy top with this athleisure piece is a look that very few can pull off.

By now you may have realised that when it comes to leggings there’s no one type fits all. So, here are a few simple things to keep in mind before you pull on a pair:

  • Switch to faux leather or suede if you’re bored of your cotton leggings. But, remember to save the ones with neon shades and funky animal prints for a theme party.
  • Unless you’re heading to a gym, don’t throw on a T-shirt over your leggings and call it a day. Try styling it with ankle boots or even a long tasselled jacket.
  • Bodysuits are not meant to be paired with leggings. Instead, wear a tank top and tie a sweater around your waist to give your derrière some coverage.
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