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Fruity Treats

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Comprised mostly of flour and loaded with sugar, desserts are the guilty indulgence that those on rigid diets can ill afford to dig into. Khevna Pandit helps you satiate your sweet tooth with healthier, fruitier options

If you’ve got a sweet tooth but you’re trying to eat healthy, you’re probably feeling as conflicted as we do about digging into dessert. If you think a meal is incomplete without a sweet treat to round it off, we’ve got just what you need. You may not be allowed to dig into a large chocolate cake or spoon up some butter icing, but you can cut down on the calories you consume and still enjoy a good helping of dessert every once in a while. The next time you find yourself reaching out for a sinful sweet treat, consider opting for these instead.


We’re not saying that these desserts are entirely healthy, but they can help you cut down on a lot of refined sugar and replace it with fresh fruit. Whip these up at home or get the readymade versions (but if you do, don’t forget to check for hidden calories and excess sugar).

  • Strawberry crush or any fruit crush: This cool, slightly boozy dessert, which combines frozen strawberries (or any other fruit) with ice, almond, a hint of sugar, milk and a dash of liqueur, is the perfect way to end your meal on a hot and humid evening. What’s more, this refreshing blend works with a variety of fruits. So, if you want a change, so go ahead and experiment with peaches, blackberries or even raspberries.
  • Frozen banana popsicles: In the sweltering heat, popsicles are a saving grace. But, indulging in sweet sugar candy is definitely not a healthy option in the long run. So, take your love for bananas to the next level by adding a small amount of cocoa and cream, and blending it together until it is a mellow mix. Sprinkle over some peanuts for a delightful, nutty flavour and allow them to freeze.
  • Lemon cream with blackberries: Now here’s the perfect example of a fruity dessert. Whip up some lemon cream a day in advance and refrigerate it. Decorate it with blackberries and lemon juice for a delicious, tangy treat. Blackberries and lemon juice provide most of the flavour, while the silken tofu used to make the cream helps make the delicacy a smooth, tasty option.
  • Honey-roasted pineapples with yoghurt: This simple, low-fat dessert is made using Greek yoghurt and roasted pineapple. Since pineapple is naturally sweet, you won’t need to intensify it by adding refined sugar. Give the pineapple a rich caramel glaze and serve it with cold yoghurt as a sumptuous alternative to a calorific dessert. We’re already drooling.
  • Apple, date and ginger crisp: All the ingredients used in this dessert are powerful antioxidants. Ginger aids in digestion and apple makes for a sweet dose of fibre. Bake them all together and glaze them with honey to get a mouth-watering fruity dessert. What’s more, since this is super healthy, you won’t have to stop yourself after the first serving.
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