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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Actually you should! Purva Indulkar tells you how to look after colour-treated hair so that you don’t have to deal with the fallout of dull or damaged locks

Recently, we all went a little crazy with the hair colour trend, and everything from graphite hair to unicorn hair was on our wish list. But, whether you went all the way and coloured your hair platinum blonde, or dipped your toes into the water by streaking your hair, you know that maintaining it isn’t easy.

Once you’ve coloured it, your hair will need a little extra attention. You’ll want it to retain its original shine and volume, and also make sure that your hair colour lasts longer and remains even-toned. Even if you spend big bucks at a high-end salon, it is possible that your hair colour will start to fade quickly if you don’t take care of your locks. So, here we’re telling you how you can put a little extra effort into caring for your hair, so that you can rock pink, blue, red, orange or any other whacky colour all year round.

Here’s what you should do right after you get your hair treated, to ensure that it stays healthy and that the colour sets well.

Wait for 72 hours before washing: Colouring your hair requires opening up the cuticle layer of your scalp so the colour can enter the hair shaft. But, if you wash your hair soon after a treatment, the cuticle layer could still be open, which means that your hair colour could be washed out. It takes about three days for this layer to close completely. That means that you’ll need to wait for at least 72 hours before you can shampoo your hair.

Use sulfate-free hair products: Most of our personal care products come with sodium laureth sulfate (a.k.a. sodium laureth ether sulfate or SLES), which is a kind of anionic detergent. This is the ingredient responsible for that soft foam. But, while products that contain SLES give us a lovely clean feeling, these harmful chemicals can also strip your hair of natural oils and moisture. Fortunately, there are several sulfate-free shampoos available for a variety of hair types.

A little bit of care and nourishment every day can help make your hair colour last much longer. And with these simple changes to your haircare routine, you’ll be on your way to long-lasting hair colour.

  • Wash your hair less often: Due to the heat and humidity of Mumbai, you may feel like you have to wash your greasy hair every day, but this will also make the colour fade faster. So, only wash your hair a couple of times a week.
  • Use colour-safe dry shampoos: These shampoos refresh your hair, making it look like you just stepped out of the salon. If your hair colour is losing its shine, try colour-tinted dry shampoos.
  • Turn down the temperature: There is nothing more relaxing than a hot bath, but while one might do wonders for your mood, hot showers are bad for your colour-treated hair. Hot water opens up your hair cuticle making the colour lose its intensity and sheen quickly. If you are one of those people who just can’t stand a cold bath, wash your hair with slightly warm water and then rinse it with cold water after applying a conditioner to close your cuticle. The warm water will allow your shampoo and conditioner to clean deeper while the cold water will lock moisture in.
  • Protect your hair from the elements: When you colour your hair, it needs a lot of hydration and more protection from the sun than usual. Leave-in treatments will restore nutrition and hydration, making it smooth and healthy. After you’ve blow-dried your hair and before stepping out into the sun, apply a drop of argan oil across your locks. You can also use hair masks (even the homemade ones are effective!) to keep your tresses healthy.

The day before you visit the salon to get your mane dyed, set aside your regular shampoo and use a clarifying one instead. This will get rid of excess oil that can block the hair colour from penetrating properly. If you want your hair colour to last for long, it needs to reach your cuticles at a deeper level so that it won’t come off when you take a shower.

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