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Thursday, August 10, 2017

We share a love-hate relationship with social media, but we cannot deny that we’re obsessed with it. Or can we...? Aakriti Patni helps you to identify your social media personality through this fun quiz 

New trends always generate hype and take the world by storm. But usually, they are short lived, and people go back to their regular lives. (Pokémon Go — remember that?) But, the new-age development that is not only here to stay, but has transformed into the fabric of our very being, is social media.

With new-age technology, we have seen the rise of a multitude of social networking sites and apps. The virtual world has permeated our culture and habits completely, eliminating the need to meet people and interact in the real world. It’s all about being online now. Glued to our phones, we all are guilty of ignoring reality and immersing ourselves in the world of social media.

Now, we’ve all read the numerous articles on the ill-effects of being a social media addict; we’ve tried and failed to abstain from it. That means that we have achieved archetypal social media user personalities. Either you are completely hooked or you’ve made it a career... Or you are the rare kind who is not into it at all! (Yes, such people do exist!) Take our quiz to identify your social media pattern.

1. What’s the first thing you do as soon as you wake up?
a) I watch a few Snapchat or Instagram stories before eventually forcing myself out of bed.
b) I scroll through my social handles and check my feed.
c) I check for important messages and emails and then get to my morning routine.
d) I orchestrate a ‘just out of bed’ selfie on Twitter and Instagram, preferably with the caption ‘I woke up like this’.

2. You’re at the breakfast table. What do you do?
a) I’ll get to breakfast in some time. I have to finish tagging people in this hilarious meme.
b) I check out the social media pages of the celebrities and bloggers I follow and update myself.
c) I just relax and enjoy my breakfast. What else would I be doing!
d) I Snapchat or Instagram myself making breakfast and then eating it.

3. It’s time to take a break from working. What do you do?
a) I haven’t started working. I got lost watching gag and prank videos on Facebook.
b) I Tweet my favourite bloggers and vloggers, and hopefully start a conversation with them and their followers.
c) Maybe I’ll scroll through my Facebook or Instagram feed.
d) I Snapchat my office and take a few selfies to Tweet.

4. Lunchtime is here! What will you do while eating lunch?
a) I could eat... or I could use my break time to take some fun quizzes! (This quiz doesn’t count! Wink.)
b) I use the time to watch my favourite YouTuber’s videos. And eat, of course.
c) I chat with colleagues. I want to meet the new intern who has joined the office.
d) I start a live story so that I can update and talk to my followers.

5. A new social media app is gaining popularity. What’s your reaction?
a) If I get time between checking Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube, then I may join it.
b) I’ll download it immediately, especially if it has a chat feature.
c) I may check it out, but there’s no guarantee I’ll download it.
d) I’m already on it and have a whole host of followers!

6. You want to learn a new skill, like baking or sewing. What do you do? 
a) The only skill I want to learn is how to make prank videos for social media!
b) I look for YouTube videos to learn any skill.
c) I look for classes to join.
d) I’ll learn it and start making DIY videos myself!

7. You posted something on a social media site, but it hasn’t gotten many likes. How do you feel? 
a) Forget liking my latest post, they aren’t even replying to the meme I tagged them in!
b) I’m very disappointed. My 900 “friends” ignored my deep, thought-provoking post...
c) It’s not a big deal to me. I post it and forget it.
d) I’ll immediately look into the statics and analyse why this post is not popular.


Mostly As

The non-productive one: Congratulations! You have achieved the status of non-productivity! While some are caught in the race of life, rushing to work and meetings, you kick back and relax, immersing yourself in a world full of memes, prank videos and quizzes. Living in a social media haven, for you it’s all about the fun. While you may be too engrossed in this world of your own, your work takes a back seat and the same happens to your social life. Well, your social life is actually just being on social media, but nevertheless, you are happy to tag your friends in endless memes and take an infinite amount of absolutely unnecessary quizzes. Using Facebook and Instagram to their full potential, you are in the safe zone of not being overly obsessed with social media, rather enjoying the benefits they have to offer.

Mostly Bs

The obsessed one: You’ve crossed over to the connected side, and we’re afraid that the real world has lost you to virtual reality. You are present, yet you aren’t, as you live your life solely through social media. Captivated by the enigma of social media, all your new friends, interactions and conversations take place online. You’re probably a part of a multitude of groups on various social media platforms and are always up to date on the latest trends that are circulating the web. Rather than going the traditional route and conversing face to face, you choose the new-age formula of Snapchatting and Tweeting to update everyone.

Mostly Cs

The asocial one: Yes, you are the asocial one, because in a world where everyone is Tweeting and Instagramming, you’ll often be left clueless. Not a fan of this new craze, the current social media accounts you have were probably made under peer pressure or just out of sheer curiosity. You don’t understand the craze behind being online for an obscene amount of time, to ignore reality for a virtual world. Yes, you do scroll through Facebook occasionally, to check out that meme your friend tagged you in or to catch up with a friend who seems to be accessible only through a social networking site, but apart from that, this isn’t your kind of lifestyle.

Mostly Ds

The social butterfly: While some ignore work and other commitments for social media, you’ve made social media your work! With a presence across all social networking platforms, you have garnered a host of dedicated followers who desperately wait for your Tweets and Snapchats. While you may have started out as a normal social media junkie, your videos, posts and Tweets have gained popularity and you are literally killing the game! It’s not just an addiction or a way to pass time, it’s a lifestyle, and it’s here to stay.

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