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Who are stone pelters?

Friday, May 04, 2018

As reported, it is indeed very shocking, disturbing and sickening to know that stone pelters, attacked a school bus of innocent children going to school out of which three were injured and one was serious. The question thus arises who are these stone pelters and what they could achieve by such a drastic act. The answer is none. They are supported by Hurriyat who finance them only to create chaos and turmoil in Kashmir. Their children are staying and learning abroad under very comfortable and luxurious conditions. Stone pelters know that retaliation is not sufficient to deter them, as they are very much supported by PDP as she wants to make her election arena strong. Stone pelters would not be so bold and attack with impunity if, there was no support from the ruling government. To contain them our valiant forces are given only pellet guns to retaliate and control them which is a pure mockery as they are given toy guns; why not real guns like as used in Panchkula. So we only protest agitate and protest in whimpers and no drastic action is taken. After all action speak louder than words..Hurriyat who are funded by Pakistan, lead a very luxurious and comfortable life like VIPs. Had there been any other government these Hurriyat leaders would be imprisoned or even hanged for sedition. On the contary they are getting lot of perks from the state government. Thus Modi,seems to have failed in Kashmir as they are very much under PDP which restricts them for taking strong action or free hand. We have to attack the root of the problem. War cannot be fought as, it will cause lot of destruction. But,India must have faith and confidence in herself and not implore and plead with UNO or USA to declare Pakistan as a terrorist state when, they are having normal trade relation with Pakistan on Wagah border. We should declare Pakistan as a terrorist state ourselves. Namo must make a strong note of it,please
— S.P. Sharma, Napean Sea Road

It was sad to note that the school kids in Srinagar were targeted by stone pelters and that reveals the sad state of mind of the people in J&K. All along the stone pelters were attacking the army and the police forces and now gone far ahead and targeted the young school kids and the action needs to be condemned. The incident evoked a sharp reaction from all political leaders and it is not in good taste. Couple of students got injured in the stone hits and that shows the militant nature of the people working against the government and playing against the life of young children. It is not correct to pelt stones on school children and tourists coming into the state. The perpetrators of this senseless and cowardly act is to be condemned and the state government should take serious action to stop the menace of the stone pelters.
— Jayanthy S. Maniam, Sion

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