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Vandalism of statues across the country

Monday, March 12, 2018

The communists consider Lenin as a socialist. This is understandable, as communists always say, to bring equality, make the rich poor and not the other way round. But, the fact remains, he suppressed all dissent and his regime indulged in mass killings. Do we really need to have the statue of such a figure? Look at the reaction from secularists on his statue being removed. Mani Shankar Iyer removed the photo of Veer Savarkar from the Cellular Jail in Andaman. Veer Savarkar is an Indian, albeit of a different ideology, who certainly fought for Indian independence in his own way by being true to his ideology. He, any day, is a better human being than Lenin. As for Periyar, suffice it to say the Brahmins in TN will certainly have a completely different tale to narrate. Even today, groups owing allegiance to Periyar's ideology, harass the Brahmin community at the drop of a hat. Well, everyone looks at history differently. It is reported that the statue of EVR has been defaced by miscreants on the basis of certain comments by H Raja. Instead of taking action against him, the D K cadre has preferred to target the Brahmin group. They have inflicted personal attacks on poor Brahmins in Chennai and cut the sacred thread (poonool) and also cut the tuft on their head. This action is highly condemnable and needs drastic action since it is provocative. While the disfiguring of the statue is highlighted by all the media repeatedly, the attack on a minority community innocents is not given any importance. Brahmins are a minority community and protection of minority groups has not been done by the Government. When other so called minority community gets support and benefits, why are the Brahmins left out?
— K.E. Eshwaran Iyer, Ghatkopar

The pulling down of Vladimir Lenin’s statue in Tripura (North-east India) is not just an attack on left ideology. It is an assault on the plurality of ideas and diversity of thought that has been a characteristic of Indian civilisation. Lenin was a Russian communist, a revolutionary, a politician and a political theorist and was considered as one of the tallest leaders of the world. Such acts of vandalism reflect the extreme levels of intolerance and are contrary to the argumentative tradition embedded in the Indian civilisational values. Indian revolutionaries like Shahid Bhagat Singh and Chandra Shekhar Azad believed in the teachings of Lenin. Dr. Deol, the biographer of Bhagat, refers to the great Indian revolutionary studying the life of Lenin. Gopal Tagore, another biographer, retells that a few days before his death, when asked what his last wish was, Bhagat Singh replied that he was studying the life of Vladimir Lenin and wanted to finish it before his death.
— Jubel D’Cruz, Mumbai

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