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Unification a solution to wipe out terrorism!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hijack threats at Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad airports does not come as a surprise. Metropolitan cities of our country in general and Mumbai along with Delhi, in particular, should be on high alert around the clock on all days of the year. Terrorism is a global phenomenon and overpopulated cities with commercial interests would always be targeted to create  widespread impact of fear all around. People should not panic at such threats but they should not be taken lightly either. Our law and order machinery should be on their toes every second and people too should report suspicious activities to the authorities so that action can be taken to defuse the situation of emergency if it arises. The wings of terrorism are spread across continents and nations should share intelligence so that terrorism can be wiped out from the earth in the coming times. Nations propagating terrorism should be targeted and boycotted to make them fall in line to adopt peace.

— S.N. Kabra, Goregaon

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