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Ulta Goon, Maharaja ko daante

Friday, April 07, 2017

The reaction of the MP is actually a psychological issue. If one observes closely, majority of the people (men above 50 years in particular in India) travelling by air have a huge ego written all over their body language indicating that they have actually “arrived in life” by just flying in an aircraft. And they strongly believe that they are VIP’s in their own right irrespective whether they are MP or not.

Now if we add to this  MP tag to these what do you get? As we all know that the politicians in India are used to people touching their feet, saluting, bent heads, and lot of licking all over, then it becomes more difficult. The MP with a bloated ego doesn’t have the habit to listen to a NO. Now if an MP who has a huge ego and who has been pampered by his followers and the biased system is questioned for any wrong doing all hell will break loose including beating Government officials. Air India cancelled his ticket the second time and it is a welcome move. A survey was conducted by a media channel, wherein more than 80 pc of the people supported this move by Air India.

Had the flight in question w been in the air of a foreign country like US this man would have been handcuffed and sent to jail immediately and then asked questions. And here in India though a FIR has been filed no action has been taken by the cops. Also the ethics committee of the Parliament has not even taken up the issue.

And the arrogance on display by the MP, his wife and the party in general is pathetic. The party has made a counter argument terming the action of Air India as dadagiri. Now look who is talking about dadagiri?

We need to make an example out of this and teach these characters to fly decently and improve our global image.

— Chandrakant Kotian, Mumbai

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