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Prevention is better than cure

Friday, April 27, 2018

As reported, rapes have taken place in Kathua, Unnao and Surat. It is indeed very horrific, disturbing and sickening. There is no end to the sick and heinous crimes. Electronic media has become very efficient now that is why we get news so fast. Rapists do not belong to any political party, but stupidly, our politicians blame each other and try to gain brownie points from it for election purposes, which is indeed very wrong. You may put as many rules and regulation on rape and molestation, there is no end to it. It cannot be stopped or mitigated. Publicity of punishment, hanging, new rules have not mitigated sex crimes or rape. People are angry and justified when they ask for death penalty or severe punishment on such depraved culprits, but death cannot be a severe deterrent and not a solution for rapist or would be rapist as it does not send out clear message or warning. Even if the culprit is given a death penalty, the chapter is closed, gives relief and satisfaction to the general public, but it will not have an effect on future criminals. Prevention is better than cure. The rapists do not fear law or police. It would be worthwhile in this case to take cue from Kolhapur police. It had good results when police-women and police-man move in plain clothes men move about in likely places and attack and thrash would be molestors and road side romeos and thrashed then. It created fear of the law and there were astounding results. Social media, movies, soap operas and electronic and print media can play major roles in enlightening people that to have illegal sex or rape is a great crime and sin.
— S.P. Sharma, Mumbai

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Dr. Rajan B. Bhonsle, M.D. (Bom)
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Dr. (Mrs.) Minnu R. Bhonsle, Ph.D.
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