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Mumbai sees low in aftermath of the Bandh

Friday, January 05, 2018

A bandh severely affects the common man. If our politicians really cared about us and the country, then they would not organise bandhs. Bandhs result in huge losses to the country, and a country that is already facing an economic crisis. Politicians should find other means of protest. Those politicians who want a bandh should be dealt with severely. Daily wage earners lose a day’s salary due to bandhs as they are barred from reporting to work.
— Jubel D’Cruz, Mumbai

No Need For British!

The recent riots, sparked during a function to celebrate the 200th anniversary of a battle, became a state wide chaos. Why? Because as usual the administration was caught napping. When the trouble started, immediately internet on mobile, mass SMS and services to prepaid SIMs should have been stopped in Pune and Mumbai. The media should have also been told not to broadcast anything or show visuals.  Why did the police not take preventive measures? Or did someone want the matter to escalate for vested interests? The event has proved one thing. We always accuse the British of having followed a divide and rule policy. Now we don’t need the British at all to divide us. The genesis of the issue lies squarely with the party that was in power for more than 60 years. It allowed fragmentation of society for spurious reasons as long as the fragment was willing to support it when needed. And see how the Congress has respected Ambedkar – 102 amendments in less than 70 years, a strike rate better than that of Shahid Afridi. Either Ambedkar’s Constitution was substandard or it was raped for political gains while at the same time his praise was sung for votes from his community.
— T.R. Ramaswami, Kandivali

Caste based politics is detrimental for our country and nobody should be spared for the caste clashes that were witnessed in Mumbai in the aftermath of the Pune unrest during 200th anniversary celebrations of the Bhima-Koregaon battle. The riots clearly are politically motivated with an eye on the 2019 elections as the poor do not really have a voice of their own but are egged on by the political class who divide society on the basis of caste and religion for vote bank politics. We are a democratic country and not a banana republic. Any attempt to disrupt law and order must not be tolerated whoever may be responsible and must be dealt with stringent punishment so that it acts as a lesson for miscreants in future. 'Srikes, bandhs, riots etc are destructive tools that serve none and leaders who motivate their followers to indulge in such criminality should be put behind bars and tried for destroying national assets as well as killing innocent lives.
— S.N. Kabra, Goregaon

The violence by Dalits in Maharashtra is the political conspiracy behind the Bhima-Koregaon violence and the subsequent tension that spread to other parts of Maharashtra and there is work underway to divide our state on caste lines. The widespread violence is shocking, and a matter of concern to all and in this the chief minister Devendra Fadnavis led-BJP government totally failed to maintain law and order and surrendered before the protestors. Prime Minister Narendra Modi should track down the perpetrators because there are some invisible hands that want to finish Maharashtra because of its political greed and it is the duty of the PM to find out who that is. Violence spilled over to adjoining parts of Maharashtra after clashes broke out between the Dalits and alleged right-wing groups during the bicentenary celebration of the Bhima-Koregaon battle near Hadapsar, Pune. The right-wing groups were objecting to the observance of 'Victory Day' since they considered it to be an anti-national celebration and for that, the BJP is responsible. With this, the state administration has totally failed to protect human lives and the property. The inefficient state CM Fadnavis must be sacked with immediate effect by the PM Modi and the top BJP leadership.
— Bhagwan Thadani, Mumbai

It is sad that the recent clashes between the Marathas and Dalits turned into an ugly incidence, deepening the hatred between different castes, the loss of life and property, inconvenience to the people and producing fear in their minds specially the young ones. Enough is enough! How long are we going to fight over the past and caste? The fact is that the caste word is so deeply ingrained in the minds of Hindus that to get rid of it is extremely difficult but not impossible. It was not wrong to dream that after a few more years of at least 75 years of independence, the caste system will be abolished, but the present scenario of differentiation and segregation though seem to be politically motivated in order to garner votes, and has completely shattered the possibility of deleting words like Brahmins Kshatriya Vaishya and Dalit and replacing it with only one word and that is INDIAN. This unexpected surge of emphasising and giving importance to the caste factor during elections further widens the existing gap between these backward poor uneducated people and the so-called elites and upper caste people, though a sizeable number of Dalits are well educated, holding high posts, professionals can be counted as affluent but still like to be called Dalits for their own ulterior motives and gains. While the majority of them are perpetuating poverty by having more number of children and large unmanageable families plus lack of education. This phenomenon is true for all categories of uneducated people. Everyone knows that Dalit factor is not genetic and is not in the DNA or say in the blood. This category of people should get special privileges and financial aid in education and must have a knowledge of family planning. The caste system should be demolished in totality as it is a blotch on our beautiful ‘Hindu religion’. Well, will our dream of calling every citizen of our country ‘INDIAN’ come true?

It would be most appropriate and appreciable to take an oath in the new year that everyone stops differentiating people on the basis of the age-old caste system and treat everyone equally with respect and bring underprivileged ones in the common fold.  Let every person live with self-respect and dignity.
— Dr Mina Bhattacharyya, Mumbai

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