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Kamala Mills disaster

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

While the Kamala mills disaster may not be an eye-opener as we have had scores of instances like these in the past few years, it definitely is the defining moment. Finally, the Brihanmumbai Municiapl Corporation (BMC) had to act though it looks like a knee jerk reaction prima facie. The BMC is putting the onus on the owners of the pubs and restaurants and are hardly blaming their officials. It's an open secret that the racket between the owners and BMC officials have emboldened the owners. However, what the media is not focussing (due to pressure?) on, is the political support to this racket. Yes, your guess is right. Who has been heading the BMC last two decades or more? The silence of the chief of this party is eerie. We fail to understand why the media is not hounding him? Either they are scared to ask questions or have been pressurised. Shiv Sena has totally destroyed this beautiful city methodically. For all that we know they would be having a formula of sharing the bribe/ kickbacks between BMC officials and political workers. A thorough CBI probe should be ordered for. But who would bell the cat? A similar rationale would be the match fixing in cricket. With the situation of roads too, the BMC responsibility has the same story. We all know that the Shiv Sena has failed time and again for the last two decades while ruling the BMC. We all know why the Shiv Sena has failed. We all know that a tenth standard kid can tell us that the contractor has to bribe the BMC officials more than 40 per cent of the tender amount. We all know that the money is also going directly to the politician’s pocket. We all know that the drainage system could have been easily fixed had the money (approximately Rs 32 crores as per Arnab which is billions of money) at BMC’s disposal had been used effectively. We all know that substandard material is being used while making the roads. The moot question is, if the government can make extremely effective roads of international standards using imported raw material when it comes to the runway, then why can't we make the same roads outside the Mumbai airport? Oh yeah, we all know the politicians have to land safely, don’t we? RJ Malishka should release more songs on the BMC…Mumbai, tula BMC var bahrosa nahi kya? The Shiv Sena saw red when the song was released as they were openly exposed. Now what?

— Chandrakant Kotian, Mumbai

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