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Has Rahul Gandhi transformed into a traitor?

Monday, January 08, 2018

As reported, Congress is losing elections and is diminishing fast, so it is worthwhile to watch the actions of its President Rahul Gandhi. The Congress has enjoyed power for a very long time and now they are almost without power so, they are just like fish without water. Mani Shankar Aiyar went to Pakistan and requested our mortal enemy to assist him to remove democratically elected NaMo from power. Just before the Gujarat election, Manmohan Singh along with Pak commissioner had a meeting in Mani Shankar Aiyars' house. Rahul Gandhi has no qualifications merits or experience, and thus he has no match for NaMo. He is constantly losing battle. He knows he cannot fight alone so, he has taken help of Jagnish Mewani who is censuring and abusing NaMo on all levels. Now, Rahul Gandhi even had a meeting with China, our deadliest enemy and is supporting Pakistan at all costs. All this only indicates Rahul Gandhi's irresponsible behaviour. He is bent on all levels to malign and harm NaMo. They love power much more than the nation. For power, they are holding the nation to ransom and meeting India's deadliest enemies. This is very much unbecoming of him. He should behave like an experienced and matured leader, who is supposed to responsibly lead the nation, he must accept the verdict of electorates with grace and maturity. He is behaving in an anti-national way, so people have begun to think that has he transformed into a traitor because he had lost elections but electorates of India are now very much intelligent and matured. They will definitely give a befitting reply to Rahul Gandhi at the time of elections. Rahul Gandhi, take note and realise it.

— S.P. Sharma, Mumbai

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