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Gang rapes, now an everyday news

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

We feel ashamed to hear the word rape and gang rape every day in newspapers but our politicians and MLAs do not feel a pinch. There is no safety for our girls/women under the democratic government in our country. So many cases of rapes and gang rapes are reported in the media every day and the rapists are freed after their arrests because our politicians have failed to introduce strongly stringent laws to handle and punish the rapists. If the rapists were hanged to death or their private parts amputated, there would be safety for our women in India. Nobody would commit rape again for fear of death.

In the current scenario, the rapists not only commit rapes but they also kill them or throw the victims out of moving cars and even trains. Our politicians are afraid of introducing stringiest law "death to the rapist" because a lot of offences are also committed by their sons, or dear ones taking the advantage of their position/power. Even juveniles should not be spared. If anyone is old enough to commit adult crimes, then certainly he or she should certainly be old enough to receive adult punishment too.

— Jubel D'Cruz, Mumbai

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