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Fight polls in right spirit

Friday, May 11, 2018

The run up to the Assembly elections in Karnataka has proved to be nothing but a case of the pot calling the kettle black and the kettle calling the pot black! Allegations are being traded back and forth. Fortunately Modi is a Past Master ( PM ) at brewing his "tea" without blackening the utensils. I feel that elections should be fought on the development plank instead of crying oneself hoarse on the blemishes of others. The election manifesto is also a useless scrap of paper which is peremptorily discarded once elections are over and the parties are firmly saddled in power. The "tu tu mai mai" only reflects the sorry state of affairs. However "Et tu Brute" should be the refrain of the BJP in response to the allegations that have been levelled by Dr Manmohan Singh that the economic policies of Modi are disastrous and smacks of mismanagement. Singh has also stated that the demonetisation and GST were the two avoidable blunders of the Modi government. Is Dr Singh unaware that Christine Lagarde the Chief of IMF has stated that the Indian economy is on a very solid track and has described the two reforms in India, demonetisation and GST as a monumental effort. What more do you want!
— Hemant Hemmady, Virar


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