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Death, still casual penalty for rape

Friday, April 27, 2018

There is a new law that prescribes death penalty for those who rape minors. Why should there be any difference in punishment for those who rape minors or majors? In fact there should also be no differentiation between major and minor rapists. If you know how to rape, then you are presumed to have the maturity of an adult and hence have to be dealt with, accordingly. However, the death penalty lets off the rapist too easily. There is no feeling of pain or suffering. The penalty for rape must be such that the pain of punishment is felt even with the thought of the offence. All rapists must be castrated. Then his spinal cord must also be surgically severed at such a vertebra that he is paralysed below the neck. He can see, hear etc but should not be able to walk or use his hands. Then he should be handed over to his family. And give them permission to starve him to death if they want to. In this way, both the rapist and his family will feel the pain and suffering tremendously and there will be family pressure and coercion to ensure that anyone in the family does not commit the offence. Just execute one such case, give it wide publicity with daily media glare on the rapist and family, and see the change!
— T.R. Ramaswami, Kandivali

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