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Blackbucks get verdict, not pavement dwellers!

Monday, April 09, 2018

As expected, actor Salman Khan was released from the Jodhpur jail after being granted bail by a Sessions Court in the 1998 blackbuck poaching case in which he was sentenced to five years in jail. The court also allowed suspension of sentence during the pendency of Salman's appeal against his conviction. With a lot of loopholes in the case, the actor will get the bail to challenge the lower court order in the High Court in the coming days. I strongly feel that the matter referred to High Court challenging the conviction of the lower court order will be dismissed as there is no direct evidence against the actor of killing the animal. Since this case has taken more than required importance because of the celebratory status of the actor Salman Khan,
the fact of the matter is that it will be very interesting and a tense case in the near future.
— Bhagwan Thadani, Mumbai

Our judicial system is very slow. It took 20 years to solve a case. But what about those who languish in prisons and cannot pay the money to get out on bail? Just because Salman Khan is an actor and popular among the masses, he was not jailed all these years. Due to money, power and corrupt minds, Salman Khan tried his best to hoodwink the law of the land but now he has been properly dealt with. All praise for the judiciary.
—Jubel D'Cruz, Mumbai

The law took its own course of action. Salman Khan jailed for five years came as a no surprise. Popularity and self respect is important to any actor and controversies are bound to take place in the glamorous world of Bollywood. What good work the actor has done in movies should not, in any way, be connected to his punishment for heinous acts. How one is as a human being in real life, is of utmost importance. Being jailed for five years is the right decision for the actor who has erred and has to pay for the faults done by him. His father is a firm believer of Karma and does not shadow on his son even at his age where he has done enough for his family as a father. His children have always been close to him and Salman Khan is no different. Arrogance is one thing and being simple is another. One cannot read a book from the wrong side. Politics in the state of Maharashtra is the worst in the world today and corruption can never stop in this state. Salman Khan is treated as showman of Bollywood but will have to face 5 years prison, humbly. Accept the truth or else face the music again and again.
— Pradeep A. Iyer, Chembur

The buck stops here. Finally, justice stands served. Anyone who is the citizen of the respective country should abide by the laws, it sounds very ethical and which is very much needed in the contemporary scenario. Salman Khan is jailed for one more time. Just because some one is a celebrity or holds the position of rank does not put him above the law. Really not concerned about the status of this man. However, the fact that it has taken almost 20 years to convict him is a cause for concern. This bad boy is now in his early fifties consistently flaunting authority, evading justice. It's pay time and his stardom is going downhill rather than here to stay. Moreover, justice has at last prevailed and it is a pity that the Mumbai film industry is supporting his cause and asking for a lower punishment. Blackbucks are lucky to have justice otherwise we have proven criminals roaming free enjoying all perks at the cost of our tax money under the garb of nationalism.
— C.K. Subramaniam, Sanpada

Salman Khan's five year prison term has shed a silhouette on Bollywood's huge strategies for the actor. The quandary for the Indian film industry is that around Rs. 600 crores worth of projects were riding on the Bollywood star. The court’s verdict is for sure to affect the actor's four major forthcoming films.
Agreed that killing is bad. But, what about the killing of a minority community being known in Rajasthan? They should also be chastised. Ironically, none in Bishnois have done good social work as much Salman has done and continues to do so. Apart from this, he is an icon of secularism. Sarcastically many feel he could have been fined Rs. 100 crores for wildlife development. Wah! What a justice, after all! Coming after those long 20 years. Where is the law and justice when political leaders, ministers kill animals and the party? What about the law when deaths happen in the hands of a minister? Where is the law when thousands of crores get scammed by our political leaders and ministers? Since he is a well-known celebrity and belongs to a Muslim community, he is hauled into such controversies. Earlier also he has been to jail for these cases, that was enough. However, what about his other side of kindness?
— K.V. Raman, Malad

The judgement in this case has taken such a long time. This is only a simple case but the time taken for the judgement speaks much about the judiciary. The case was stretched out of proportion, perhaps due to the fact that the culprit happened to be a film celebrity. One fails to understand the reason for giving such importance to him. If it was any other person, the verdict would have been passed long back. In India, too much of importance is given to film artists. In what way they are superior, other than the fact that they have acted in the film? It is hoped that the judiciary will change the attitude and treat all with the same respect. Many many hours are lost by prolonging the cases for such a long period. This can be avoided.
— Akhilesh Krishnan, Vashi

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