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'I had the right opportunities at the right time. Good roles were always reserved for me'

Thursday, May 24, 2018
Photograph by Trupti Arekar

Debuting in the eighties and continuing to rule the hearts of infinite Bollywood fans, for this ageless diva, time has stood still as she continues to dole out performances that make her admirers gasp in awe of her skills. A dancer par excellence, the talented Madhuri Dixit Nene was in conversation with ADC’s Shaiber Raichur, as she dwelt on her journey in the industry. She spoke about her ability to take her dancing lessons seriously and her exuberance, as she forays into regional cinema with her debut Marathi film, 'Bucket List' and what keeps her going...

You have played roles that are tough and resourceful, fighting your way out of tough corners in your career. How would you describe your journey so far?
It's been wonderful, I am lucky that I had the right opportunities at the right time and good roles were reserved for me always. I am very fortunate in having  worked with very good directors and choreographers. I had the opportunity to do good song numbers throughout my career, so, all in all, I have nothing to complain about, as I did everything with a lot of love. I thank God every day and I feel blessed.

Who is your inspiration?
My inspiration is my mother because she has been my strength throughout my journey and she always stood by me like a pillar. The values she has imparted and the kind of teachings I received, are what I gave to my kids. These values have always helped me.

'Bucket List' is your first project in Marathi, what have you to say about it?
It's a lovely film and most importantly it's a film that everyone can relate to; men, women, children and senior citizens. The audience will be able to identify with whatever happens on the screen, they will identify with the journey shown in the movie which is very simple and nothing is larger than life. The character of Madhura Sane, which I play in the film, depicts the identity of Madhura, which gets lost somewhere in life being a busy housewife. She's always thinking about her family 24X7 and suddenly there comes a situation where she decides to fulfill someone's bucket list, which is amazing. Basically, the journey is about how she manages to find herself, her voice somewhere during that time for which she has to contend with her family members’ point of view for her changes. This movie will bring a smile to your face.

The Marathi film industry has a long rich history and numerous achievements. Your thoughts on the great stalwarts of the Marathi film industry.
There is Dadasahebh Phalke, Shantaram Bapu and many more who have made beautiful films and there are directors who have equally brilliant films to their credit. Then there came a time when the quality of movies was lost. But now again, I think it's improving rapidly along with the technical aspects of movie-making, there is an elegance in Marathi movies. The content and the actors have all improved. With these factors in place, the quality of Marathi films has changed for the better. I think it's the golden era.

Why did it take you so long to act in a Marathi film?
In the last five years, I was not that active even in Hindi films. The time I was active in a proper manner was during the 80's and after that I got married in 1999, so it's not like it has been late. I am doing a Marathi film and I am happy about it and then the subject which came to me was very appealing. If I get more appealing subjects, I would not hesitate to do more Marathi films.

The trailer of 'Bucket List' makes it  biggest Marathi trailer which has received six million plus views, in just 24 hours on social media, and the movie is releasing tomorrow. Your views please.
I am feeling very good right now in a good sense and good space. When the trailer came out, the audience liked it widely, which is a good sign. We hope people come to the theatre and watch the movie, which is the final test for all of us.

Marathi films are often discriminated against by multiplex owners who do not give prime time slots. Why is it so?
I don't know the politics behind it. I think as a producer, I am learning things slowly and when my film comes for release, I will actually learn these things. I think some things are done so that they get proper slots and you look for the best and for our film, which is a  'Dharma Production', I think they will make sure that the movie gets good timings.

Will you do a lavani in movies if given the chance?
I have already done a lavani in a Hindi movie. If I get an opportunity in future, I will definitely do it.

You had started dancing at the age of three, how will you describe your feelings for dance?
I have a very deep connection with dance. I breathe dance, which for me, is a kind of worship. When I dance, I get a spiritual experience and I feel alive.

Which is the best Marathi movie you have watched as well as liked?
A lot of Marathi films...from 'Sairat' to 'Fandry', 'Killa' and many more. I saw all those films and loved it.

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