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'A solution-focused approach is the need of the hour'

Thursday, February 07, 2019
Photograph by Santosh Gupta

The brain is one of the most enduring, intriguing and sharpest aspect of human beings. What separates humans from animals is only the way we tend to emote and express ourselves. In today’s world, not being able to control ourselves and our frenzied emotions, it is becoming a cause for suicides, nervous breakdowns, depression and a spate of other psychological problems. What is needed today is to recognise the signs early during childhood and seek professional help. We need not introspect at such deeper levels. “A solution-focused approach is the need of the hour,” said Dr.Neelanjana Mathur, a Clinical Psychologist and Hypnotherapist while interacting with Afternoon D&C's Prachi Sonawane. The avid marathoner discusses a host of psychological problems that have disturbed the mental peace of today's youth.

A counselor aids you in assessing your strength, developing your potential to the optimum, provide you individual, couple, family psychotherapy and parent counseling. This is needed as it can help parents to improve their current, existing relationship with their children and deal with the challenges of raising them in today’s quick-paced, ever changing world.

Discussing, in a session on youth and psychological problems she says, “Teenage is a time of mood swings and daydreaming. And with this they commonly are forced to deal with problems such as depression, anger, drug addiction, cyber addiction and low self-esteem. These teenagers are not able to bravely face the situations they encounter due to lack of acceptance. They grow hyperactive, impulsive, argumentative and aggressive. Teenagers nowadays are not able to handle the problems because of the pampering they have been raised with.”

Their efforts to keep them guarded and safely protected in this world does no good for them. However when these adolescents enter into the real world, where their parents' exceptions are high, they are also forced to deal with societal pressure and the child is eventually not able to cope. Sometimes, they do not share things with parents which leads to anxiety, suicides and stress, causing all sorts of psychological issues in their life.

Discussing how parents should deal with psychological issues amongst their children, she said “I think parents should be a bit mature while dealing with the psychological issues. The parents should always remember not to ignore the sudden behavioral change in their kids. They should find out the reasons behind those sudden behavioral changes and also do not take it as a teenager thing, hearing them when they want to open up. Meanwhile, pay attention to your neighbor, if they are saying your child is indulging in something wrong, don't ignore it completely, discuss it with your child rather than lecturing them. Always remember communication helps in relationship building.”

Also, if your child has done something wrong, then he should feel guilty, don’t pamper him and spoil them further.

Sometimes having one-on-one interaction with adolescents also helps in understanding their opinions and views. Let them make their own choices. If sometimes they don't want to speak up about something do not force them to talk rather than to accept the fact that your child does not wish to speak about certain problems.

Moreover, she says “They just want you to be there when things get tough. Remember you are also growing just as your child is, so enjoy it.”

Further, asking about as an individual, If I have expected the fact about dealing with some kind of psychological issues, what major should one take to overcome with it, Dr. Mathur said, teenagers always prefer to have a clean image. If as an individual you accepted the fact of dealing with issues you have to share things with your close once or should concern to a counselor or psychologist any without fearing about the consequence because every problem has a solution to it.

Further, how psychological helps in relationships building she addressed that, with the help of psychological you understand the empathy and pain of others. Basically, having a term empathy in psychological means “I am putting myself into your shoe.” When someone is sharing their problems you can feel the pain and you will never hurt that person in the same way again. Psychological help to build the relationship without getting the negative things between the individual and their patterns.
Dr. Mathur explained how one can effectively deal with insults and incidents where they have been put down.

“We all get hit by life’s slings and arrows from time to time. They can come from a resident critic—a family member, friend, or co-worker who always finds something wrong—or as the occasional put-down that catches you by surprise. What do you do when an insult is hurled your way, privately or publicly? Do you pretend that you didn’t hear it or hurl an insult right back? Do you internalize it or get angry and lash out? There are only Three ways. ACCEPTANCE - maybe it is true about you, it is not an insult. WALK AWAY - walk away from the situation. HUMOUR - use humour to better your situation.”

“Only you can make yourself feel bad or good. No one has any power over your emotions, except for you yourself. It’s only my emotional mindspace that makes me feel in one or another way.”Moving towards the Hypnotism and Psychological behavior and probing if psychological issues can be cured by hypnotherapy she said, “Yes it  definitely cures the issues over time. Hypnotherapy works on an unconscious state of mind amongst humans. In psychology, hypnosis is sometimes referred to as hypnotherapy and has been used for a number of purposes including the reduction and treatment of pain.  Hypnosis is usually performed by a trained therapist who utilizes visualization and verbal repetition to induce a hypnotic state.”

“The experience of hypnosis can vary dramatically from one person to another. Some hypnotised individuals report feeling a sense of detachment or extreme relaxation during the hypnotic state while others even feel that their actions seem to occur outside of their conscious volition. Other individuals may remain fully aware and are able to carry out conversations while under hypnosis”.

Moreover asked on how hypnotism works, Dr. Mathur says, “After instructing a hypnotised individual not to feel pain in his or her arm, the participant's arm is placed in ice cold water. While non-hypnotised individuals have to remove their arm from the water after a few seconds due to the pain. The hypnotised individuals were able to leave their arms in the icy water for several minutes without experiencing pain.

“Psychological problems are genetic. In clinical psychology, where we deal with people suffering from psychosis, problems are mostly genetic. There are certain disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar and depression are all genetic disorders, so it is present in your genes.”

What kind of therapy helps in curing psychological problems?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT), Counseling, Psychotherapy are the therapies used to cure the problems. It is a long-term process of treatment that identifies emotional issues and the background to problems and difficulties.

Meanwhile, she added, “Psychological issues cannot be a cure, it can only be managed by medicine.”

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