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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dear Readers,

From the earliest days of our lives we are aware that we have to decide on a career. Accordingly our efforts, academic and otherwise are geared towards making it happen. Some get their aptitude tested so that they take up a profession most suited to their personality while others hope for job satisfaction by doing something they like! Worst case scenario, you take up a job because ‘the money is good’ but hate to wake up on a Monday morning because a monotonous workweek stretches in front of you.

Today we read about people who chose to make a difference by using their skills, talents and resources to carve a niche for themselves. Some may say they are lucky to have been able to do what they love but luck is the least of the enablers. The choices they make over a lifetime speak of their perseverance to achieve and to create an impact in their spheres of influence. It starts with an awareness of a need, an issue, a crisis, a dilemma or a predicament that requires attention… nay demands a resolution! Once it’s recognised, they decide to do something about it, roll up their sleeves and look for answers. These answers are not always forthcoming and so the passion to continue in the face of odds is a pre-requisite.

Yet, a distinction has to be made between workaholism and passion. The former stems more from a sense of superiority – that one is indispensable and that without their efforts somehow the world will come to an end. Passion on the other hand is an innate belief in oneself as a contributor to a solution – a problem that needs to be resolved is the centre of the sweat and toil. And therein lays the difference. A workaholic strives to meet deadlines; a Passionpreneur (as I call them!) labours at continuous improvement for the benefit and advantage of others.

A good salaried job is the golden cage that prevents many an entrepreneur from pursuing their dreams. Similarly, obstacles form roadblocks for those who yearn to take the road less travelled. But for people when ‘work is worship’, its no longer a job or even a career but a vocation. It is then that we have the best model possible for a better world.

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